Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eureka Springs part 2

There is a park in the middle of downtown Eureka Springs.
It has the original spring.
There is a cave with a hole that leads to the spring and icy cold air comes out of this hole.
It was HOT! outside and the air coming out of the hole was heavenly.
The boys climbed on the limestone rocks and hiked a little.

We did some more shopping and then stopped at Eureka Daily Roast for some frozen coffee treats.
We went back to the hotel and cooled off in the pool for a few hours.

We heard a fellow guest talking about how great the pizza was at a place he had gone to the night before called the Rockin' Pig.
We showered and decided to go on a ghost tour at the Basin Park Hotel at 8pm.
The kids were really excited!

We stopped at Rockin' Pig Saloon for some great pizza first.
It is a biker bar type of place but the pizza was amazing and my son had buffalo chicken fries. Yum! I enjoyed a draft Leinenkugel's beer.

The Basin Park Hotel.
Eerie in the dark. Lots of history.

The park next door.
Supposedly filled with spirits.
The original spring is here which brought in many people who believed the waters had healing powers.
The water had high levels of iron and magnesium which are, in fact, good for you so in theory, they were healed.

Buying souvineers.

Creepy hallways.
Lots of orbs.

During the tour.
There are lots of orbs. (click to enlarge photos)
Huge one behind guy in red.
Some believe they are balls of energy of spirits.
Some (my husband, for one) believe they are dust.

The little one and I saw many faces in this window on the full sized photos on the computer screen. (click to enlarge)
Or maybe we are silly.

The ballroom.
People have said that at night, when they peek in the glass doors, they see dancers in period clothing dancing. Everyone sees the exact same thing, no matter when they see it.
It is like a replay of a movie, played over and over again.
They call it a residual haunting.

Stay tuned.....

Happy birthday today to my baby sister, J!!!!!

And a belated happy birthday to her hubby, R!
Love you guys!!!!

The little one is flying (alone) to New Jersey tomorrow to spend a week with his cousins and then flying back with them so they can spend the rest of the summer here. (they got out of school and camp later this year)


  1. How cool that you got to go on a ghost tour!
    I think I see the face in the window.

  2. Little One is having a great summer! He'll do fine flying by himself. He's old enough to ask for help, etc (son flew alone first time when he was 15 and did fine, have a great story about that sometime to share maybe)

    you guys did a lot in your weekend adventure. a lot of assortment of things to do there; looks like a fun place to visit and I love the drinks you guys had (including the beer indeed)


  3. Cool ghost tour! I saw the orbs but not the faces.

  4. Eureka Springs here I come! What a fun time for your entire family.

    Wouldn't you love to go through that hotel without it being a tour?


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