Monday, July 19, 2010

Eureka Springs

We made it back from our little weekend trip to Eureka Springs. (We enjoyed it so much when we went with my sister and her husband in Feb. so we decided to bring the boys this time)

I washed all of the laundry, made spaghetti and meatballs and watched Bachelorette while my husband watered all of the plants, picked up the dogs and went to work to make sure it was still standing (it was....*sigh)

We took lots of pics so I guess I will bore you with them this week.

Here we are in the car.
Everybody's happy.

The hotel is Victorian style and the landscaping is gorgeous, here is some of it.

"Sit on the settee and act refined and dignified," I told them.
I think there was some confusion.
(the looks on the little one's face are priceless)

The view from our room.

We checked in and unloaded.
Then we headed downtown to do some shopping.

We stopped at a few places to have dinner but one place was cash only and another had no service (we sat for a long time and finally left)so we stopped at another restaurant and made a reservation.
The wait was an hour and a half so we put our name down and headed up the street to the Crescent Hotel.
We were there in Feb. for the ghost tour so we took the boys there to take some pics and kill time.
The hotel was used as a hospital and a school.
There is a long history.
The Ghost Hunters were even there once and found some great evidence of hauntings.

I saw these flowers outside the restaurant.
I found out that it's a moonflower. It smelled wonderful.

We had dinner at Ermilio's.
Italian food. The wait ended up being 2 hours. The food was fine but the tables are crammed on top of one another.
It was an old house that had been renovated and the upstairs has places you can wait and a bar, they had board games galore.

The next day we started off at Mud Street Cafe (which was one of our favorites in Feb.)
I recommend the chicken salad.

I had Red Velvet cheesecake last time.
This time I had Strawberry Cheesecake.
Oh mama- I died and came back.

My son had Coconut Cream pie.

I loved this shirt. I sent pics to my sisters.
We totally need them for our next sisters trip.
I think it will be to Eureka Springs this fall.(??)

East By West gift shop.
Home of the working bunnies (they give you your change!)
Tofu and Pepperoni.

Here is Tofu giving me my change last time I was there.

More to come...........


  1. I want to go to the Crescent Hotel so bad.

    That cheesecake looks delish!

  2. You're right. The look on little one's face is priceless. Are you sure he was having a good time? Glad to see you got away for a little R&R.

    Raining here this morning - and then the sun will come out again and we will bake again. *sigh&

  3. That place is so beautiful and the desserts really are to die for. Your youngest has hilarious expressions!

  4. I think the little one looks mighty refined. Not so sure about the big one. The cake looks yum and I miss that place. What restaurants did you go to and leave? I'm telling you the customer service in restaurants in that whole town is awful.

  5. looks like a wonderful trip, that cheesecake, oh my!!! loved the pictures of being refined; I think big one needs to define what refine means, he was having a bit of trouble with it, but loved little one's expressions, so very refined indeed!!!

    glad you guys got a chance to get away for a bit!


  6. The bunnies are named tofu and pepperoni??? Too funny!
    I don't think I could wait 2 hours for dinner. I'd be starving!
    Love the sister T-shirt :)
    Beautiful view!
    You're right, the boys do look funny with all of the fancy stuff around them :)


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