Friday, July 9, 2010

Fair Play

Here is where I tell you how much fun I am having so far as Vice President of the band boosters club (sounds prestigious, eh?)
Our president sucks. (he doesn't even get a capital P)
He does nothing.
And in addition to doing nothing, he had the audacity to get a staph infection which keeps him from working the fair.

My other Vice and I and our fund raising goddess, C, are basically running the show which is really what we do best since we run our own businesses anyway and like to boss people around.
Still, it stinks that he is president and we do it all.
And my Vice is camping this weekend so it is myself and a 75 year old woman (who runs circles around most people- she is that good) running the freak show.
Yesterday we had lots of volunteers but nobody was a self starter so there was a lot of standing around and when it started raining, they left. We tried to give simple orders but it was more of a pain than it was worth.

Last night we were rained out.
Never mind that we bagged up 12 bags of ice, 4 coolers of loose ice, hauled it all over to the fair, unloaded it all, filled 2 huge coolers with various sodas and water, fired up the grill, funnel cake fryer (I did it alone and am proud to say I did not kill anyone) and opened early.
Now by this time, I was soaked. In sweat.
Thank goodness I had slathered my entire body with Satsuma lotion before hand so when I sweat, I smelled of clementines.
No time to go home for a shower.

I did not complain though because this was our idea and we wanted to make a profit and have fun.
The fun part hasn't happened but I kept my grumblings to myself.
Plus, once I start cooking funnel cakes, I am too busy to care how awful I look

It was a slow start and just as the draft horses were being hooked up for the show, it started to sprinkle.
And then it stopped.
And then it started to sprinkle.
And then the sky opened up and God said, "sorry Funny, we need the rain really BAD so deal with it" and we sat there and watched it rain while the people left the fair.
Some stayed huddled under the stock barns and various canopies but by this time, I WAS DONE.
I called a time out and we made the decision to close up shop.

By the time we had pulled everything inside the trailer from the tent, we were soaked to the bone.
Drowned rats, if you will.
After all the sweating and the humidity of the night, it felt good.
We made $170 bucks and we were happy for that.

I had brought my eldest son with me to help and when we got there, he sat in front of the fan and complained of hunger, said it was hot, wanted to go home and change clothes and needed a different pair of glasses.
I sent him away to ride some rides and after that he walked to the restaurant, ate something and came back over in time to get soaked and complain to me that he wanted to go home (he has been grounded from his car til further notice) so he sat in the car while we slaved away.
I should have known this would happen but I always hope he will change.
Lesson learned.

I slept in today and we are not meeting until 4pm so I plan to do a load of laundry, get some groceries and relax before we start all over again tonight.
Friday and Saturday should be the busiest nights (they say) and since most people get paid today, I am hoping this is true.
Fingers crossed for no more rain.

One of our fish died.
Sad, but true.

The boys are back home after a few days of staying with grandma and getting "back to reality"
One was in trouble with us and the other was bored so they went over to her house to play in the woods, swim til 1am and play with things that don't involve internet or an outlet.
Now they are home and I plan to give them a list of the things I need to have finished by the end of the weekend.

Have a great weekend.
You know where I will be.

I really hate the smell of funnel cakes and may never eat one again after this.
I got my first burn. It is small but I feel like a professional now.


  1. Love this post!

    Aren't teenage boys fun. Mine goes over to his dad's when he gets in trouble. Nice.

    Good luck tonight, and Neosporin the hell out of that burn and it won't scar. Trust me. =)

  2. Our fair is next weekend, do you want to come make funnel cakes for us? lol
    My son always wants to go to his dads when he's in trouble.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. oh poor you! I'm hopeful the fair ends this weekend? it sounds like you guys have been such troopers to put up with everything about it this past week, hot weather, rain, poor attitude of kids, etc. You are a good mom like I have said before!! The kids will appreciate your efforts to make money for band!!

    glad grandparents are close by to ship the kids off to for some "attitude adjustment" (yours mainly, LOL)

    aren't the teenage years fun?? I tell you, I rather take a colicky baby than a teenager sometimes with their attitudes, etc.....

    do something fun for yourself sometime this weekend, okay???



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