Saturday, July 3, 2010

I don't know why I am bothering to post since all of you are probably sitting on the beach or on your yachts or at the lake or whatever while I sit here and sadly read blogs and wash sheets and water plants and pull weeds and get Hawthorne thorns stuck in my pointer finger.

Anyway, my house is clean and the laundry is mostly finished and put away and that feat is amazing, is what it is.Last night when I was sitting on the phone on my back deck, Skip came up to me and LIFTED HIS LEG ON MY JEANS!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, pee.Mr. Funny thought this was hilarious and said that he had marked me for his own.
Lucky me.

I really hate that stupid dog.
Well, after going back and forth about what to do tomorrow, we are again going to the lake to eat and watch fireworks.
And as usual, it is supposed to rain.We are going to a different restaurant this time but we went there last week and the view was incredible!!!!
Plus? They have crab cakes and since I had the shrimp cocktail last time, I plan to have crab cakes tomorrow. I am a little disappointed that they didn't have lobster but in these times, I can't imagine what the market price would be.

Anyway, here is a photo I took the other day when we were having dinner and it was storming like crazy (although not a drop came down at our house)
We will be able to see the fireworks show just like we did at the other place we always go to on the holiday weekends.
Sadly they have no creme brulee'.

By the way, my middle sister (the only one that is not married) is in Virginia Beach visiting her boyfriend who is in the Navy (or maybe it is the Army- he has been in both) and she called yesterday to tell me she is engaged!!!!!!!!I am really happy for her because she spent years dating an ass who never proposed and then when he did he was never serious about it.Congratulations Deb!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am thinking about going to see this guy tonight.
Hopefully all the screaming girls will have already seen it.


  1. No lobster and no creme brulee? I say forget it! You all have fun.

    I am home doing much of what you are doing. I spent a lot of time working on the playroom after Brett did a general clean-up in there, and then he got the computer set up in there for the boys, so they are set for life.

    Have you talked to Deb?????????

    Now you reminded me I need to do laundry. Thanks for that.

  2. congrats on your sisters engagement!! THat is fabulous news. I want a recap of Edward. I haven't seen it yet!

  3. I setting here reading blogs as well. We will be going out on the boat tomorrow.
    Looks like you will have a great view of the fireworks.
    It's raining here today, so maybe it won't rain tomorrow.

    Congrats to your sis!

    Happy 4th!

  4. Oh no...I am sitting right here with the IPad, cooking supper and forcing myself to be enthusiastic about taking Ned and mother to breakfast in the morning. I really coukd use one of those sitting on the beach situations...

    An engagement you say.....that is VERY exciting.

  5. I'm on my yacht at the beach but I thought I would drop you a comment (LOL) (I wish) (actually I don't wish, I am content with what I have :)

    looks like a great view for the fireworks and the menu sounds good except for no cream brulee. I thought that was an absolute necessity at most if not all restaurants!!

    congrats to your sister on her engagement! How exciting! you can a brother in law and get to participate in a wedding!!

    if you made it to the movies tonight, hope you enjoyed it :)

    have a Happy Fourth dear friend!


  6. I sure hope you had reservations>.... we opted to stay home and get ready for the family descending tomorrow.

    And congrats to your sis! yea!


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