Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I just took a precious little elderly lady to the bathroom.
This is what I do at work.
I once had to clean up a messy poo puddle off of a chair after a customer left.
And an elderly man once told me that he pooped his pants in the parking lot before he got to his car.
Her son asked me take her to help her out so what do you say?
No! I will not?
I opened the door and helped her to the potty and then back up (she wiped herself, thank you) and helped her with the water and soap and towels and then back out.
We had a cute conversation about how she took 2 water pills and had to have blood drawn and now she has to go to the dentist.
After all that, I feel like I should take her out for a margarita.
But then she'd have to pee again and it would be like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, you know that book?

My job description is vast.
Anyone need a wart removed or a bang trim?
I'm your girl.


  1. you are one awesome lady!

    a wart removed or a bang trim? can i get a discount for both?

  2. Thank God she wiped herself!
    You're too kind.
    I think I will pass on the wart removal(not that I have one), and the bang trim. lol

  3. You're just a nice person.

    You could pluck my chin hairs....If I had any that is.

  4. your job description probably would be pages long if you wrote down everything you had to do, LOL

    that was sweet of you to help the lady with her restroom needs.

    LOL about if you give a mouse a cookie comment too......


  5. Your job description is definitely wide and varied. I had to smile and think of my mother and the number of times I took her potty (as she'd put it). I'd barf if I had to clean up pee or poo, though.

    I could use a pedicure please...


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