Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I really need to watch the Jake/Vienna face-off but first, a recap of my week so far.

Our 4th of July was fun. And then it wasn't. And then it really got bad.
I won't elaborate.

Here was the view from our table at the restaurant.
I had the best extra dirty Grey Goose martini
straight up with blue cheese stuffed olives ever.
I needed it.

The fireworks show was too far away to see much but all those little lights are boats.

We all had filet mignon. I had these fried potatoes topped with crumbled bacon and blue cheese crumbles and baked in the oven.
Oh my, I almost cried they were so good.
Our steaks were perfect.

Gooey butter cake with caramel sauce and cinnamon ice cream.

Yesterday was day 1 of the county fair.
It was hot and humid.
We loaded the band trailer with coolers, ice, tents, tables, the funnel cake fryer, and 4,737 things.
And we began to sweat. And sweat.
And by the time we got over to the fairgrounds, we were soaking wet and cranky.
We drank tons of water but it was too much heat and humidity and I felt awful the rest of the night.

It was slow going the first night but Mr. Funny and I figured out the funnel cake fryer and hung out visiting with everyone.
The Republicans had set up their tents across from us. (we have an election for Judge and Prosecuting Atty. and commissioner and whatnot soon) and of course all the important people of our town were with them handing out popsicles and balloons and fans.
And we got to watch a lot of ass kissing.
Of course my husband knows all the annoying people who think they are better than everyone and since you never know when you will need a good lawyer (ha), he schmoozed a little.
I did not.
And we saw some cute sheep, a go-cart race and a man had a heart attack and fell over in the field by the go cart races.
I guess he is ok, I never heard otherwise.
And I noticed that teenaged girls wear really short shorts these days.
We closed early, broke it all down and called it a night.

I went home, took a long shower and went to bed.

Today, I really wanted to sleep in but I had to work.
It was fairly busy and I spent my day dealing with bickering employees, annoying phone calls and last minute travelers.
Then I went home and took a 25 minute power snooze and went back to the fair.
Where I got into a disagreement with a woman who wouldn't let me park by our trailer (even though I did yesterday and a lot of others ignored her and did it anyway) and sweated some more.
And the Republicans were still there but there were fewer of them and they weren't as cheerful and pushy (BTW I am a Republican so I can poke fun at them)
There was plenty of help so my co-vice president and I went home.

And tomorrow, I get to do it all again.

Lordy, I hope we make bank on this stupid fair fundraiser.
I am sick of sweating.
Fortunately I have sweat proof lipgloss.
And a cheery disposition.


  1. I think the Jake/Vienna face off is a publicity stunt, and they are stupid!

    You may not of been able to see the fireworks, but atleast you had a great dinner.

    The fair will be over before you know it.

  2. sorry that the Fourth went downhill but I have to say the food looked and sounded good!!

    the fair sounds hot and sticky; I'm thinking you will be glad when that "gig" is over indeed! what a good mom you are to put up with this!

    you are absolutely right, the girls wear tooooo short shorts these days. I often say "why bother". and then those "shorts" cost a fortune, I don't get it

    drink lots of water!! and take care of yourself in this heat!


  3. Long weekends have a way of taking a turn sometimes.

    The humidity has been awful! And I wasn't even out in it much (except for Monday). If you don't make it on the fundraiser, you will next time. I'll bet those funnel cakes will go over HUGE in the Fall.

  4. That meal sound delish!

    I think Jake is secretly gay. Just sayin'

  5. Sorry about the Fourth. At least it started off well, but I'm sure that steak and cake didn't sit well in your tummy the rest of the night. I talked to your Mr. today and he filled me in some more. I don't know how you even ventured out to do that manual labor, but I'm proud of you for doing it!

  6. I dying reading about your dinner. And the dessert, too!

    Hope how soon your done with the fair. Sounds miserable in the heat.


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