Friday, July 2, 2010

Is it a beautiful day where you are?
It is just warm and sunny and the sky is bright blue and I am...........

doing laundry, cleaning things and making lists.

Here are a few of my favorite things right now:
The Body Shop's fragrance oil.
I have my oil burner in my kitchen and I mix these 2 for the best scent.

Our wisteria.
Mr. Funny is training it to climb the pergola. (do you see the brown grass everywhere? it has not rained in weeks!)

I bought this from my friend's garage sale.
I have the perfect place for it but I am not sure if I should paint it first.
She had her Denby pottery and her Fiesta ware on it.

Garage sale.
$5. It is going out by the pond, I think. Maybe.
After I throw out the fake ivy.

Another garage sale find. $3

Our water lillies and fish.
The fish lived through the coldest winter and they are so cute.
We have a couple new ones and I think there are 7 now.

My tomato plants.
They are in a pot and I was certain that I would kill them when my MIL gave them to me but they are doing well.

My husbands pride and joy.
His Mammoth Elephant Ears.

Mr. and the Little One planted a grapevine.
We now have grapes. Who knew?
I see a Funny Winery in our future.
Tours anyone??

The trip to get the funnel cake fryer was quite an adventure.
In my driveway, I programmed the address into the gps and it took us exactly to the right house.
But, on the way, I kept hearing the banjos from Deliverance.
I was certain we would find the place and realize that there was no funnel cake machine and a murderous man who wanted to chop us up and scatter our parts.
We got off of the highway about 2 hours into the drive and found ourselves on some of the windingest country roads ever.
C said that the guy probably lived in a shack in the woods and I assured her that I had my gun with me. (she may or may not have been comfortable with that answer)
It really was beautiful but I felt, the entire time, like we were getting more and more lost.
Into one small town and then another and then we saw some of the largest, sprawling homes and we were still in the country and then we saw a Target and a mall.
In the middle of nowhere.
C was on her iPhone and assured me that we were very close to a huge city and we finally found the neighborhood we were looking for.
Huge homes with tiny yards and right on top of each other and then we were there.
The man gave us a totally training session on how to use the machine plus he had a list of exactly what we needed for a day of funnel caking.
A list. Typed up.It was like I was meeting my husbands twin for the first time.
We finally got the equipment into my Yukon and hit home on the gps.
A totally different way.
One country road leading to a highway which lead to another highway which took us to the interstate.
Now why didn't we have the same directions home as we did there????????
Little One is at the water park today with friends, Mr. Funny is at the Lake doing his 2nd job getting ready for the holiday weekend and Big One is getting ready to do a bunch of work for me.

Here are the photos from the day night at my sister's house.
If you want to be creeped out, go here.

Here is my sister, D.
I gave her that Kermit shirt.

Here is Mel shortly before she became bedridden and on deaths door.

My sister J's husband.
The architect. He is quite funny.
The first time he ever met me, I dumped a beer on my husband. I think he is afraid of me.

Mel and my brother.

Us girls. Birth order for this pic is 3, 1, 5, 4 (my brother is 2)
Yes I am the only blond with blue eyes. Yes, my father delivered milk.

D and J.

J and Weechee.
J has the cutest house.
It looks very small but then you walk in and there are a bunch of rooms and an upstairs with more rooms.
I just love it.
They wanted to BBQ with the grill we bought them for a wedding gift.
Everything was soooo good.
We had burgers and veggies and cucumber salad and chips and guacamole.
and citron and tonics.
We had a key lime pie for dessert but we were too full.

Turned out that Mel had strep throat.
I even drank an Icee after her and never got sick but she was down for a few days after I left.
We really had a great time!
Thank you sisters for hosting me and Little One and Molly and Skip!!!!!


  1. Okay, my GPS does the same exact thing! Do you think there are some GPS dudes in a back room somewhere progamming these things to mess with us?! I totally do.

    Anyway... Isn't that funny you're the only blond. What did your parents have to say about that fact? Hmmmm?

    You guys always look like you have a great time together! Yay, for families! Most the time. Ha

  2. Was Mr's twin hot? Will you make me a funnel cake with LOTS of powder sugar? I never understood those because they don't put enough powder on them at all and I throw half of it away.

    Love the pics. I don't even look like I was about to die!

    I'm gonna need you to send me all of the pics from the last day because I was too sick to get them. Thanks.

  3. I can't believe all this rain has missed you. We had a ton!

    Cute garage sale finds. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

    I want to grow some tomatoes and grapes. I would like to plant a garden. I say that every year, but it never happens.

    Great pics of the family.

  4. I am trying to figure out what route your GPS took you that you ended up on winding roads. My GPS does strange things too but I wouldn't be without her.

    I'm pretty sure my dad delivered milk too.

    You got some awesome garage sale stuff. And your fish are so cute. So are you and your sisters.

    Hasn't this weather been awesome? We are celebrating the 4th of Monday. They are calling for rain. They'd better be wrong.

  5. loved the fish; have you seen the snake lately? always enjoy seeing your family pictures; neat that you guys are relatively close to be able to spend time together like this!! your road trip did seem like an adventure! wonder if GPS was programmed to take you the weirdest way possible to get that funnel cake machine...



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