Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pashent's is a Virtue

This week is off to a busy start already.
I have left myself Post-Its everywhere trying to remember to do things to stay organized.

Today's list was short:
make appt. for haircut for husband, finish laundry, run dishwasher, cut dogs nails, work, short nap, clean out fridge, get all trash out for trash day Wed., clean bedroom, and drop a few things by sewing shop.
I got them all done except for the last two.
I also did some weeding at work in my flower beds.
I made the boys help me with the promise of Sonic for dinner (bleh) and the big one wanted to know why the landscaper who planted the flowers couldn't pull the weeds.
Kind of felt bad because I couldn't even plant my own flowers this year, I was so busy being busy. (I did plant most of my flowers at home myself)
Next year, I will do it myself.
I told him it was a simple 30 min. job and he could assist his mother and he shut his mouth.

Tomorrow my list grows but I haven't finished it yet.

We lost 2 cooks this week but frankly, it was time for both of them to move on.
One was a doper and one has a terrible temper that I can no longer tolerate.
This babysitting things has gotten old.We hired a new one as well.

We are taking the boys for a weekend getaway Sat-Mon.
I made notes on the things we need to do and see and eat and we reserved a hotel with an outdoor pool so I need to get a swim suit for myself (a fate worse than torture- wait, it is torture)
I have managed to not wear one for years and sadly, the ones I have are too small (shocking)
I am really excited because we never seem to have the time to all get away at the same time and after going over the calendar over and over, I decided next weekend was the only time to do it before the little one goes to New Jersey and then drum camp and auxillary camp and band camp start and I have to plan all of the meals and find parents to help serve them and then we have the big gospel festival that same week and the restaurant is very busy and then school starts.......

Today, as I was leaving work, Mr. Funny showed me this job application. (click on to enlarge)
Bless her heart, I hope she can cook better than she can spell.
Sadly, this is the norm anymore.

It says, "I'm great with people. I have good patience." (I love how she remembered to put the apostrophe before the s in the made up word.)

I'm glad someone has pashent's. I am fresh out.


  1. Oh my! Did you hire her? lol

    A weekend away sounds wonderful. Mine has been promising me one for weeks now.

  2. LOL; you might find that pashent's is actually some southern dish that she is good at cooking! poor girl! but you are right, it is the norm these days. I blame spell check myself.

    good for you for the mini getaway! it sounds like a lot of fun. They have great swim suits these days that hide (most) things.

    leave a post it note that says "take time to breathe" because it sounds, as usual, that you are running, running, running, running!


  3. I wonder if she talks like she writes. The get away sounds like a lot of fun. I'll be watching for swim suit pictures ;)

  4. This makes me feel much more confident in my own ability to find a new job.

  5. This made me laugh out loud, hilarious!


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