Thursday, July 1, 2010

Road Trips and Laundry Tips

And again my plans have changed.

We are now going to pick up the funnel cake fryer tonight.
I guess leaving at 4am wasn't as fun as it sounded.

I personally don't care either way since I never really sleep much anyway (not for lack of trying)
I filled my gas tank, drove through the car wash and stopped at our mechanics because I was a quart low on oil. (no, I do not put my own oil in the car- I am a girl and I think that car maintenance is for boys, I do my fair share of crap around here)
I went to the lighting supply for light bulbs.
I went to Walmart for Tide because I read on a few blogs that the HE Tide powder is better than the liquid and since my washer has had a funky smell, it is worth a try. The website said that the animal fats in the liquid stay in your lines and leave a smell plus she said that the towels smell better with the powder.
Worth a try.
While I was on the laundry aisle, an older woman asked me if I liked Tide and I thought it was worth the price.
I told her that I used to use Tide and to save money, I started using Era and then my mom used Era and then I switched to All and loved the smell and mom switched too and then we decided that Tide cleaned better but we liked the lower prices of the others and used what ever was cheaper. Mom used the Mountain fresh Tide and Downy. (I know I told you the story of how she called me and said she had bought the Mountain Fresh Tide and my brother and her called it Mountain Goat Fresh Tide it wasn't too baaaaaad smelling and they both laughed like loons)
Get it? Mountain goat? Baaaaaaaad?
After my mom died, I went back to Tide and and still use it.
After this exhausting conversation, the woman bought Tide and I gave mom a thumbs up to heaven.
I love my clothes and towels and sheets to smells fantastic so I use regular Tide, pink Downy liquid fabric softener in the rinse and fresh linen Bounce dryer sheets.
I always get compliments.
People sniff my kids at school and tell them they smell good.
On the Little One's first day of high school, a girl came up to him and smelled him and told him that he smells just like his brother. Funny.

Anyway, the reason why I cannot get a thing done is because I have to give 30 minute laundry detergent seminars to strangers at Walmart, give teens directions to the toilet paper aisle (Walmart should totally pay me for being so helpful) and talk to the guys in the lighting store about how much powdered sugar is sufficient on a funnel cake.
And the little girl at the mechanics shop wanted to know where i got my purse and did I know her friend Jason because he was her new boyfriend and he should get her a purse like mine(train those boys young to buy good gifts is what I said)
My brain is drained by now and I still have a 5 hour round trip drive tonight.

The Little One passed his written test and now he has his permit.
We have to log his driving hours day and nighttime.
He drove around the circle in our subdivision twice and he didn't scare me at all (he did go a little fast around the curves but it was fine otherwise)
When we took the Big One years ago, he went to push the brake but hit the gas instead and almost launched us to the moon. And into the elementary school (we were in the parking lot practicing parking at the time)
The Little One and I were in the backseat and we both grabbed our door handles and jumped out when he stopped.

We are thinking about buying my sister's Honda Accord for his first car and then when he goes to college, we will get him a new car like we did with our older son.
Years ago someone carved LEZ into the hood but thankfully now it reads EEZ.
My son wants a paint job if he gets the car.
I would like to find him an older Volvo or a small SUV for safety if the Honda doesn't pan out, he wants a new 420 Z TT.
Not. Gonna. Happen.

I have been reading all of your blogs but I have not been commenting much because I get so far behind but I promise I am here.

I just caught up with the Bachelorette.
I totally want Roberto to win.
I just don't feel it with the other guys although they are sweet (not stupid Frank) and would probably make good husbands but you have to think about long term.
Who do you want to look at every morning? Who has good hair? If he is a bad dresser now, imagine him in 20 years (although I have been able to mostly train my husband)

I hope everyone has a very safe and fun holiday weekend.
We have not made any plans yet but we will probably go to the Lake for dinner and then watch (yawn!) fireworks as always.


  1. Your insurance must be high with 2 young drivers! That will be me someday. *shudder*

    I've been reading a lot but not commenting, too. I'm always so busy in the summer with the kids home.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. too funny about your adventures at WalMart! glad that you are so easily approachable that peple enjoy talking with you! I'm with Tracie, I can't imagine two young ones on the insurance!! but good for Little One passing his written part; I'm sure he will make a fine driver!!!



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