Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Too Lazy for Many Words

What I am eating:

I need to get to the grocery store tomorrow or it is going to get ugly.

What I am wearing:

I adore flip flops!!
I got both pair of these Havaianas in Eureka Springs . The green ones were half price and they glow in the dark!!!

What I am annoyed by:

Skip and Finn.
These 2 have been wrestling and chasing each other around the house all night.
I put them out many times but they like to be in the cool house.
Boo Hoo! You are dogs!

Yes, Skip is wearing a shirt.
It says Pet Me! Pet Me! Pet Me! (Someone.......Please Pet Me!)
(he leans on everyone and Mr. Funny always says that he is thinking that so when he found that shirt, he had to get it for him)
Mr. Funny got it for him in Eureka.

What I am loving:

I bought this pendant at a rock shop in Eureka.
The stone is called Apatite.
I love the sea blue/green color.
It is a balancing stone that is an appetite suppressant. It also helps with meditation and concentration. It helps control anger and negativity and helps stimulate self confidence and psychic abilities (ha) and also cleanses your aura (ha, again) It is also supposed to help heal bones, joints and teeth.


  1. I don't know which is better, the chips and dip you're eating, or the candy bar I'm eating?!

    Cute flip flops.

    Let us know if that pendant works.

  2. I love the pet me shirt! Hilarious! That pendant is gorgeous.

  3. I actually think with the cheese dip and chips you have hit two major food groups so it counts as a meal in my books (cheese, grains :)


  4. Wow. Is there anything that stone doesn't do? You will be a skinny guru after wearing that thing! Poor Skip. He has a shirt now, but still no brain.


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