Thursday, July 29, 2010

Top 10

Too much to do- not enough time and willpower to do it.

1.) The little one is home. He had a great time in Jersey and is glad to be back.
He went to the shore, the aquarium and out to many other cool places.
He is less sassy than when he left too, we will see how long it lasts.

2.) My sister in law is here for a few weeks. Her kids are 9, 5 and 3.
They are cute but the 5 year old cries if she doesn't get her way. Last night, she went to her room (she is well trained to throw her tantrums AWAY from people) and cried for an hour and a half. This was because her little brother wanted to walk Skip and got to because he asked first. By the time she stopped crying, we were leaving to go home (Skip went with us)
The 3 year old is fearless. And clingy. And he has a maniacal laugh.
The 9 year old just rolls with the punches. He gets along well with the little one so it works. He wishes he was an only child. I can see his point.

3.) When driving from the airport on Tuesday, a rock hit the windshield of my car. My husband was driving. (I was at work) He texted me a picture and when I got pissed off, he texted me a new picture. Dora bandaids covered the spot where the rock hit it.
Boo boo fixed.
But then the hole spread. Across the whole window.
Guess who got a new windshield?

4.) I am pretty sure my dryer is dying. It is not old.
I called to get a service guy out here and he asked me to describe what it was doing.
I made the squeaking noise and then the thumping noise for him. If he didn't already think I am a loon, he does now. He is coming on Tuesday.

5.) I decided that I want to try Aveda skin care line. I already use the makeup line.
I researched the options online first and then went to the salon to talk to them about my choices.
I was there 2 hours. I ended up with samples of all of the cleansers and serums and moisturizers.
I also ended up with a compact, 2 eyeshadows and pressed powder to put in it, heat styling spray for my hair, a lipgloss, mascara, shampoo and conditioner.
Now I need to try all of the samples and decide which ones I like best. Last night I used the Tourmaline Exfoliating cleanser and the Radiance Fluid.
I was really happy with the way my skin felt afterward.
6.) I am in a mascara conundrum.
I liked Clinique and then we broke up after I got a few tubes that dried out too quickly. I tried Lash Blast and liked it but the same thing happened. Now I am using Revlon Grow Luscious. It is fine but I want to really love my mascara. I am trying the Aveda Mosscara today.

7.) We are still short a cook at work. I hired one who lasted a day. I didn't have high hopes but it was worth a try. I have a ton of applicants and they either do not really want to work, are filling out apps to fulfill unemployment rules, or want to work but not the hours we need them.
Let me just say, there are lots of jobs out there for people, just not the ones they want.
Yes, fast food and restaurant work isn't glamorous but it is a job and if you are hungry, a paycheck is a paycheck.
Too many people around here are happier collecting unemployment- I hear customers talking about it all the time.

8.)Band camp is next week from 8-8. I am serving lunch most days and we got the menu all planned out. We are going to Sam's at the crack of dawn tomorrow to shop for all of the food.
I still have to work Tuesday and Wed. next week as well so I hope we have plenty of volunteers.

9.) The Gospel festival is next week too.

10.) I'm done for now.


  1. I like Aveda products. Interestingly, when I scheduled my next hair appointment, we built in time for me to check out some of their new products. Wish it wasn't so darn expensive.

    You are way too busy!

  2. sorry about the rock and windshield, but too funny about your husband's fix for it; glad you got a new windshield though

    sounds like you have your hands full again with company, cooking, working, etc. I bet you'll be glad to have a few minutes to yourself once school starts back up again


  3. You're making me tired. I had to get a new windshield about a month ago, darn big trucks kicking up rocks on the interstate. You have company for serveral weeks? With little children??? YIKES and God bless!

  4. Unfortunately, I'm very soon becoming one of those people who apply for stuff just to fulfill unemployment. I've been actually applying for stuff I want, and stuff that pays more than my unemployment will, but I'm running out of options fast. Ugh.

  5. Will love to hear which of those products you love!

    We have recently had a rock collision as well - boo!

    Sad, that some people WANT to work and can't find their place in the world - while others are gumming up the system!

  6. marykay is the only thing that keeps my face clean and CLEAR! i love Loreal mascara but just bought "Falsies" by Maybelline because i'm in love with false eyelashes and the name sucked me in!


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