Friday, July 16, 2010

Victory. It's Mine.

You know how they say if you have a very cold winter, than the following summer will be a visit to the hottest level of the inner core of the Earth?
I love hot. Sunshine and blue skies and wispy white clouds that say, "winter is never coming to show it's ugly face around here ever again".
And I don't mind a good sweat when I am working in the yard or vacuuming dog hair off of the stairs or jogging.
Ok, I try never to run unless I am being chased but I imagine I would sweat, a lot.

But when I am in the dressing room at Target, trying on 2,395833 swimsuits, I want it to be cold enough to hang meat.
It makes all the fat shrink up and the suits slide on much easier.

There I was yesterday, with my 6 items (the others were in my basket being watched over by a nice girl who has probably never sweated through her bra in a dressing room) and it was sad.
I was twisting and bending and stretching to the point that I am going to call it a workout.
And it was stifling in there. And then I would get dressed again, grab my 6 items and head back out to grab 6 more items.
And there was a herd of people all waiting in line and then someone would take my room and I would have to wait for another, oh it sucked.

And in the end?
I found a swimsuit.
Oh sweet baby Jesus, my heart sings!
I love the color and the flowery detail and the way it fits.
I got a pair of solid black bottoms to go with it because they didn't have a matching thong with matching rosettes up the crack part that I so desperately wanted.
Really, can you imagine if I were a bathing suit designer?

I got this cute black skirt to wear as a cover-up with it at the pool.

I look exactly like this model when I wear it, it's uncanny how similar our body types are........

I also found, get ready, another t shirt.
This one is a heather brown and it is that tissue thin material and it is long.
Like everything else in my closet.
Shockingly, it doesn't have ruffles or flowers on it.
I plan to wear it with a turquoise tank (it has a wide neck) and turquoise jewelry and sandals.

And then I went to Walmart for some groceries and found this cute little dress.
I got mine in navy and gray.
It is cuter in person, I promise.
I plan to wear it this weekend with my silver Fossil sandals.

I also found a top I liked, maybe I will treat you to a picture later.
I need to get some things done around here before we leave tomorrow.
I think I will lay out my outfits and take pictures later so don't go too far, I want you to have something to look forward to.
I will talk later.


  1. love the suit and the dress! you will look smashing on your weekend getaway!! enjoy it!


  2. swim suit shopping is a form of torture recently outlawed in the "how to be a good hostage keeper" handbook!

  3. You sound like me at walmart trying swimsuits on.
    I think that swimsuit is totally you. Cute dress.


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