Monday, July 12, 2010


Well, the fair is finally over (6 days is a long time for a fair when one is slaving over a fryer)
and I had the good sense to bring my camera the last night.

This is me doing what I do best. My partner in crime went on a float trip with her family the last 3 nights of the fair and none of the people I trained could get the knack for funnel cake frying so it was me.
Martyr much?
And my husband warned me that my hair might have been "not my best look" in his words.
I though I looked cute from the front.
But it was 4,834 degrees with high humidity and I was standing over 375 degree oil for 6 hours so the hair off my face look was necessary.
At least my pony tail holder and flip flops matched my green tank top.

The lady got shot out of the cannon again and there was another truck pull but I had my husband with me and he had his earplugs that he wears for target practice so I was set.

Yesterday (Sunday) I could not get out of bed, I was so tired and sore but I did anyway and tromped into work with a smile (and better hair) and man we were busy.

After work, I went home for a nap and then we went for a drive.
We decided to go to a different river and we took a bumpy road that only Jeeps can travel.
My spleen fell out about halfway down the path but we ended up under some bridges and I decided to snap some photos.
I think I am going to blow them up and frame them.

It was stormy and there were tornado warnings all around us but we are rebels.

We also saw this teensy cowlet.

We had dinner at a new Mexican place in town.
The food was good and the Dos Equis was cold so I was happy.
And the big one had a good time with us too.
Amazing how much fun you can have when your parents take away your car, Mac and iPhone.

Maybe this week I can read some blogs- I am way behind.


  1. Tornado warning??? I would of been huddled in the basement! I can take my sons phone away from him now! Bwahahaha...

  2. You are so funny! I think your hair looks cute in that shot!

  3. I bet you are so over funnel cakes. I am too. Not because of your blog, but because they are a hot, sticky mess of sugar.

    How long is the older one grounded?

  4. That cfalf, errr I mean cowlet, is so cute.

    I like the hair style but you might not want to try it at the restaurant. We didn't get anything but rain and thunder, but according to the new, the Lake got hit hard.

    Our kids would all be better off without most of their toys. But that isn't going to happen for the long term. Glad you are enjoying big one.

  5. that cowlet was cute!! I know it will never take the place of your llamas though, right?

    so glad the fair is over! love your picture of working hard with the funnel cake making. I will stand by what I said the other day, YOU ARE A GOOD MOM!

    and one day Big One will also say you are a good mom, even though right now I am sure he is not happy with so much taken away from him (I'm thinking it had to be really good to lose all that!!!)

    love the pictures of the bridge and river; looks like it was a good place to get away from it all for even a little bit of time! you go girl, no tornado is going to stop you!!


  6. I like the Pony (tail).

    Confession: I don't think I even know what a funnel cake is. But I do know (now) they take a lot of time and energy.

    Did you count your profits yet, Was it worth it?

    Just sayin'


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