Sunday, August 29, 2010


I was tagged for an award....twice.

First Chinamommy and then my sister, Mel.
I am supposed to name 7 things about myself so does that mean I have to do it twice?

1.) I love shopping (this is not a secret)
I could shop anytime, anywhere, every day. My hair stylist and I joke that we could go into any store and come out with a new outfit. Including the grocery store.
I am not picky either. Home furnishings, body fragrances, clothing, shoes, makeup.

2.) I am very critical of myself. I never feel like I am good enough, pretty enough, smart enough.
I never fit in. I am overly sensitive. No matter what people tell me, I feel like a dork. If I cannot do something flawlessly, I opt out. These things prevent me from doing a lot of things. I am a perfectionist who never attains this goal. This is exhausting.

3.) I do not like to immerse my face in water. I can splash it on when I am washing my face but if I am swimming, I can only duck under very quickly or I feel like I am drowning. I guess I won't ever scuba dive.

4.) I am claustrophobic. No MRI's, tunnels, crowded elevators, crawl spaces, caves, or 3rd row seats in my SUV. When we were in Tulsa, my sister and I sat in the 3rd row of the Yukon. There was a tall seat in front of me and a window right behind. I felt like I was going to go crazy and had to lean forward and rest my chin on the seat so I didn't feel closed in.

5.) Heights. Hate them. If I am on a high up floor (like when we were in New York) I can only look straight out, not down. If I am on an elevator (not a crowded one) and have to go up high, I have to think about other things rather than how high up I am. With escalators, I look at the steps in front of me, at my feet or close my eyes. I have learned ways to deal with my psychoses.

6.) I hate eggs. The taste, smell and the way the yolks break and gush everywhere. Bleeehhhh!
Sadly, I make my living selling and serving eggs.
(I also stay away from hot dogs and bologna, Chinamommy.)

7.) I am obsessed with having a spotless house. It never happens.

8.) I have always had my toenails polished. Since I was young. I rarely wear polish, unless it is pale pink, on my fingernails but the toes are always done.

9.) I have always had blond hair. It got a little darker when I had kids so I started having it colored and highlighted but it is always blond.

10.) I am supposed to wear trifocals all day every day. I never wear them unless I am reading.
I am not ready to ccept my blindness.

11.) I have to do the USA Today crossword puzzle. It makes my brain work which keeps me smart. Sometimes it takes me days to do a puzzle.

12.) I love sitting in the sun. I can sit outside for hours no matter how hot it is. I get very depressed in the winter when it is dreary all the time.

13.) I have had a lot of cars. I get bored easily and trade often. I think I am on car #16.

14.) I am the oldest. I was in charge of my sisters and brother growing up and I was very mean to them. They were bratty too but they still remind me every time I visit all of the awful things I did to them. I wish they would stop doing this. I wish they would remember the good things I did.


  1. I'll link to ya!! Thanks for playing :) Don't be so hard on yourself, we <3 you!

  2. I remember the good stuff! I remember wearing your make-up and stealing your clothes and feeling like a grown up! I remember you introducing us to Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Quiet Riott, Rick Springfield, and "cool" dancing. Oh, and I believe you might have been the one to teach me how to smoke. Oh wait, good stuff...

  3. good for you with the crossword puzzle, good way to keep those brain cells working, (LOL)

    congrats on the award(s)

    I am with you, I don't like heights nor confined spaces, that is why airplanes and me don't get along :)


  4. I am terrified of heights. It makes my family CRAZY because we can't stay up high at the beach. The balcony gives me the heebie jeebies!!

  5. I think you're more normal than not! Oh how I love a new car... I think I might match you car for car. The hubs didn't think I could keep ( be happy) a car long enough to hit 50,000 miles. So the day Lexi hit that mark, I said. . . Okay, I did it let's move on. Ha. I think I have to keep her while we have 3 in college. It's a good thing I like her.

  6. awwww, i think you are more "normal" than not too! and you are gorgeous! stop thinking like that! i strive to have a perfect house, i think most people do too, but hey, when you have guys....forget about it! my guy cleans more than i do. i can rent him out to you if you want. i am also afraid of high places, it makes my belly button pucker! and also i don't care for touching raw meats...urand i don't like raw seafoods, and rides at the fair that go round and round, *urp* that makes me very sick to my tummy...i also get carsick in the backseat, i hafta hafta sit in the front with air blowing on me, and see where i am going. if not, hand me a barf bag. and if i am flying, i gotta have a window seat. without a chubby person leaking over on me, and i need air please. if there is turbulence....just shoot me right there, cuz i will have a coronary and die. i usually medicate myself before i fly. lol just in case...a lil valium and phenergan. take me away. other than those few little things, i'm sooooo easy to get along with. LOL!


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