Friday, August 13, 2010

I am finishing the last of the laundry!

We have family portraits today and then Mr. F and I are headed out to go spend a few days with my family.

We looked at some cars yesterday.
They had a Yukon XL Denali that was very nice but it was a dark blue gray with black interior, and a black Denali with again, black interior.

I stuck with my first choice, the white one but the salesman and my husband could not agree on a price for mine to trade so we told them we would think about it and keep looking.
We aren't in a hurry but I do like the extra space I get with the extended version and captains seats in the back (mine has 3 seats in the middle row- this one has 2 so I lose a seat but gain extra space for travel)
All of a sudden, the salesman decides to check with his boss and the trade value goes up.
And then up some more.
We left and my husband got a call at work that the deal could be done with a price that everyone was happy with.

They are going to have it ready on Thursday.
Oh, it is so perfect!
It has a sunroof, heated front AND rear seats, dvd, navigation system, power fold back seats, remote start, remote liftgate and a back-up camera.
And the gray interior I love.
The Carfax came back clean (remember the other Suburban had been wrecked and they still wanted full retail value) and it had only one previous (local) owner.

(this is not the car I am getting but it exactly like it)

I never thought I would like white but after much thought, I decided that white is quite lovely.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, I had a white grand am (company car) and a white jeep and I LOVE LOVE LOVE a white vehicle!! I now have an orange VW and a red Volvo- go figure... but, don't forget, when I get my Range Rover (in my dreams) it is WHITE!!!!!!!!! I LOVE white...because it's pure, like me!

  2. I don't think that I can be your sister anymore. Well, after Thursday I can't. You may be sorry you decided to come here. We are cracking skulls around here today and it's not pretty.

  3. White is very lovely. That is a very nice vehicle and I'll bet you are going to really enjoy it.

  4. oh...what a pretty car/suv! i love it! and since you won't be "secret service" that will make you "gossip?? service" lol ha ha i don't know....i just ate alot of sugar way too fast, got a is late and i too had another migraine last night and the remnants today, and now the starting of another one! this is just not good! we can't function with migraines....and you, my lil funny friend, have a new vehicle and 4 days off, you CAN NOT have a head ache, so STOP IT! i forbid you to have one on your vacation! leave it at home! do not pack it! my dr. gave me some crap medicine and it doesn't work, he will hear from me again on monday. this is the 3rd one he has given me. he likes to throw pills at me. nice, here try these drugs....see if they work!

    anyway...on a funny note...and it is word verification is shmisomm and i got tickled and laughed hysterically till i had tears in my eyes. it looked like a dirty word for some reason.

    any way....have fun at your family's house, and remember: eat, drink and beat mary! and no headaches! (gee, i hope there isn't a mary there!) tell her i didn't mean anything by it! lol have fun!


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