Thursday, August 12, 2010

My husband informed me this morning that our modem is dead.
This translates to "there is no internet until the new modem arrives in 4 business days".
This is a travesty.
What do people without internet do with their time?
Are their houses clean, free of dirty dishes and dog hair?
Is their laundry washed, folded AND put away?
Will I survive?

Enter my iPhone.
I can blog on it if I wear my glasses.
I hate wearing my glasses.

So here I am.
Glasses on, perched on the sofa, watching Boston Med, texting my sisters, blogging.

I had my picture taken for the newspaper today. Again.
Our business was involved in the school supply drive for the community.
I have been in the paper twice before.
Once when we bought the restaurant, then when we won Best Restaurant, now this.
I enjoy fundraising, donating, and helping those who are less fortunate.
I do not enjoy public recognition.
And I have to get my picture taken again (dreaded family portraits) on Saturday so my MIL can have something to hang on her wall.

My dryer is fixed.
No, really. I promise.
I am getting ready to test this theory,

I am looking at another suv tonight.
The Suburban that I almost bought a while back had been wrecked and the dealer wasn't budging on the price.
This one is an extended version of mine.
It is white.
I don't know if I much care for white.
I have had black suv's for some time as my son's friend calls my car "the car like the secret service agents drive"

I am home now.
Yes, the dryer works and I shall be doing laundry for days to catch up- fortunately, we all have a lot of clothes.
Unfortunately, most of them are dirty.
Fortunately, I have clean underwear for tomorrow. But not for the next day, yet.

Mr. and I are going to see my family on Saturday.
This was a hard decision.
Short trip but much needed getaway.
There will be drinking.
It is supposed to be 106 all weekend.
It has been 100 here so I doubt I will feel a drastic change.

Finn and friends are staying home with the little one who will be dog watching, fish watching and organizing his bedroom in preparation for the first day of 10th grade next Wed.

I went to the restaurant to see the Suburban that the salesman brought for me (the dealership is 30 min. away but he lives here in town) to see/drive.
I let my husband drive it and talk to him.

Since I had a migraine on Saturday, my house is a mess.
I managed to load and run the dishwasher, pick up the dog toys (they dragged them back out again 2 seconds later)wipe the kitchen counters (I do that twice a day, it seems), wash 2 loads of laundry, and clean the half bath.
The rest of the house is in dire need of vacuuming and dusting.

My husband had an extra modem at work (hence the long post) so we have internet again but those 3 hours without it were the longest ever.
Who is spoiled by technology?
Who went a week and a half without a dryer and refused to a.) visit a laundromat and b.) go to my MIL's house of chaos and noise to wash clothes.
Who is paying for that stupidity now with the mountains of laundry? (thankfully it was sorted on Monday)

I am so happy to be off work the next 4 days!
I plan to get a lot done tomorrow.

Saturday we are supposed to meet and organize the concession stand before football season starts.
I might cancel.

My husband is doing his nighttime snack routine, which frankly, is annoying.
He eats quick stuff. Loud stuff. Doritos, baby carrots, pickles.
Crunch, crunch, crunch.
Like 1,000 rabbits at the breakfast table.

I am going to bust out one more load of laundry and go to bed.

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  1. Good luck with all that laundry! Although, I find it extremely accomplishing to plow through huge amounts of laundry, it's kind of a challenge! Yeah, I'm weird like that.

    I have to say, I love the sexiness of my black SUV but not how easily and quickly it gets dirty. All time easiest color to keep clean were my white SUV and (gasp) van. And, they were definitely cooler in the summer.

    Just sayin'


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