Friday, August 20, 2010

My week:

  • I have been going to bed too late and getting up too early with no possibility of a nap, it makes for a long arse day.
  • I have been showered and out of the house by 6:30 to get the little one to early band by 7am and myself to the concession stand which my girls and I have worked on all week. It concession stand is still a mess but we have emptied it and inventoried everything.
  • I have asked myself many times this week why I got myself into this mess.
  • We had a pep rally last night with all the sports teams and band. The band sounded great but I was soaked in sweat the entire time, I hate looking crappy in front of everyone.
  • I got my Suburban today. Love it! I need to get the windows tinted soon. The little one asked if he would be able to drive it like the Yukon.
  • Mr. decided to trade his Jeep for a Tahoe. He picks it up Monday.
  • The big one, after much ado, was accepted into his new college today. He has been at marching band camp all week and is enrolled in some music ensembles at the college because the director pulled some strings (they love him- that son of mine) but until today, he had not been accepted because of his academic issues like suspension from his old college. He wrote some letters, made some promises, got some letters of recommendation from past teachers and somehow pulled it off. Now he needs money for tuition, dorm and meals. Since he blew off the scholarships from last year (if you remember, he had a 5 year full ride masters program scholarship!!!!!!!) by bombing his grades, we are NOT going to pay for anything. He has to go to the financial aid office Mon. (my husband is going to go help him talk to them) and see what is available. He might have to just commute (an hour) and he will have to get a job. Life is hard but he created this mess, tough love. We have bailed him out enough and it is time to grow up.
  • We have a dinner date with another couple tomorrow night. It involves a trip to Staples for school supplies, a quick meeting about upcoming band season and hopefully a margarita or 2. Call it a working meeting, if you will.
  • The family portraits turned out well.
  • I am seriously planning a weekend trip to Vegas this fall with my husband. Maybe my sisters and their men can go too. We were also invited by another couple (our heating and air guy and his wife- we are very tight) to vacation with them this winter, maybe a cruise. I am totally in.
  • My notebook is fixed but I still haven't used it yet.
  • I am going to start planning dinners again and cooking every night. Well, most every night. This summer we flew by the seat of our pants and now we are back to a schedule.
  • The little one has been in bed by 9pm every night. This works out well for me but he hates it.
  • I am caught up on laundry except for the huge pile of clean towels on the sofa. I guess I will fold them tonight.
  • I ordered 2 pairs of flats last night from Target, hope they fit.
I need some recipe ideas.
If you have some good, quick ideas, let me know. I have a ton of cookbooks but I want to hear your favorites.

Have a great weekend!


  1. wise what you are doing with the Big One; tough love is hard though, we'll be exercising some of that so very soon here

    Vegas sounds like fun; its only 4 hours from where I am at, hmmmm......

    I'll have to think of some recipes to send your way,I have a lot for quick meals. Seriously, if there is more than 5-7 ingredients or more than 5 steps, it gets too complicated for me. but then again, hubby does all of our cooking....

    have a great weekend!


  2. never look crappy. I, on the other hand have got it going ON today after the first week of school and a root canal.

  3. I groaned out loud when I read that the big one lost a full ride for 5 years. I know many people who have been in the same situation.

    I've been trying to cook every night, too. I still end up doing take-out quite a bit but not as often. I use Relish's meal planning service. It's I won it on a blog a while back.

  4. I say yay for you for being tough on him and making him pay his own way. Maybe I'm just bitter because my parents never had any intention of paying any part of my college, but I paid my own way, and I think I'm a stronger person for it.

  5. Tough love is never easy. Glad you are strong enough to do that for big one. He will be a better person for it.

    I have tons of recipes but for me the simple ones are the best. Meat on the grill with fresh veggies, also on the grill is a favorite. If I think of any real good ones, I'll send your way.

  6. You really are doing what is best for him- it sucks, but how many 30, 40, 50 year old men are there out there that NEVER grew up?! Those guys are beyond annoying!!
    I've got a good recipe- taste like a million bucks but pretty easy- do you like ginger?

  7. its hard when you have to be tough with your kids. but thats whats got to be done sometimes.

    well now, TWO nice new car smells....lovin! congrats to both of you are hard working peeps and sure do deserve it!

    cooking EVERY night? are you mad woman? just kidding....i love to cook, but i don't work or have kids at home! i used to plan my meals though, a month in advance, and have all the dry/canned goods ahead of time, and then i just needed to buy the fresh each week. it worked out really good. i had my list on the fridge, and just added my other junk to it, tp and staples, etc, then went to the grocery and was all set. you should try that....if you list stuff that your family doesn't like, we (the bloggy world) might be able to better send you some recipes that you might like. i have GOBS and BAZILLIONS of them. so....if you would....let us know if your kids don't like corn, liver, chicken, spicy, onions, get the point?

    and i think you deff need a sounds like a wonderful time. have a good rest of the week!

  8. I'm way behind on reading the blogs so I think I'm out of the loop, somewhat. Gez, I'm so sorry about your older son. He will be fine but I know how hard it is to finally reach the point where you've done what you can and it's now up to them. Boys, in general seem to take a bit longer to figure things out and get on the right path I think. Plus we have all made it too nice and comfy at home for our little darlings and they really don't want to have to grow up and function as adults.
    Sorry for all the heartache I know you've had the last year. He will get his act together and figure everything out. I'd buy you a bottle of wine if we lived closer!!


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