Monday, August 9, 2010

Not a lot of comments lately but then again, my posts have been long and boring and not at all amusing.

We did some shopping today for school clothing and took both boys with us which was a bad idea.
We found some t's, button-ups, jeans and polos for the little one and he found some crazy sneakers called Reebok Zig.
He really didn't need much because I pick up things for the boys quite often.
The big one got some shirts and Converse sneakers and flip flops (he needs nothing, he bought a whole wardrobe at the onset of summer)

We had lunch at Olive Garden and stopped at a few other places before going home.
I did find some great t's at Target for all 3 guys, soft cotton with retro graphics, socks for my son and a couple tops for me.

My SIL is driving us nuts about Finn.
She came over with her kids and they were screechy and loud and Finny barked at them and now she is afraid he will eat them.

Her 9 year old was going to spend the night Sat. But she kept quizzing my husband, "where does the dog sleep?" (next to me, duh) "will he go after her son if he gets up to use the bathroom?" (the gate is up) "will he jump the gate?" and on and on till I finally said "never mind, he doesn't need to spend the night, he can come over another time"
We had planned a trip out of town either to see my family or to the lake but since my MIL takes the dogs and SIL is there with the kids, we are staying home. Finn doesn't travel well and I won't board him and if he stays here when we go, he will either be locked in his crate for 3 days at her house or mine.
Her kids are brats and she is so concerned with being nice to them and being their friend, they run over her and since I have been through all this with the big one, I want to tell her to man up but I won't.
I just spend very little time around them.
Her 3 year old goes to bed when he wants to and sleeps in her bed. He hits, screams and watches tv whenever he wants to.

At least mine didn't get bratty till high school......

I guess she will learn the hard way like we did.

I have a lot to do around here anyway and then school starts next week.


  1. It's nice not having to buy a lot for school.

    I don't think I would want the kid at my house either.

    That sucks that you have to cancel your plans because of SIL!

    I have a friend with a kid like that, and I can't stand to be around him! She does nothing to discipline him either!

  2. I am in shock that school starts soon. I feel like this Summer flew by. Sorry there is brattiness going around...

  3. Um, boo. I thought Finn was going to stay with D! I had a whole lake day planned for us all!

  4. Maybe the kids should be locked in the crate? Seriously, she is doing those kids no favor allowing them to run all over her and in general be brats. I'd stay away too. Hopefully they won't be visiting much longer.

    I think it is too hot to blog - or breathe for that matter~!

  5. I've got it . . . Have your MIL stay at your house with Finn and the SIL and brats stay where they are. I bet MIL would appreciate the break. Shouldn't they be going home soon?

    I keep putting off the back to school shopping. Denial, clearly.

  6. awwww, thats too bad that you have to cancel because of brats....dont tell anyone....but dogs are soooo much more behaved, don't you think? and i have grand kids....i KNOW!! they are the same age i think as your ummmm, nephew? i would much rather deal with animals....not that i don't love my kids, but dogs just don't throw tantrums and they don't talk back! nor do they have attitudes! gooooo finny!!! poor baby....give him a big hug from auntie jojo! i just love doggies! he and morgan would have a good ole time. they could destroy all kinds of stuffed animals together!

    and i'm glad i don't have to buy school stuff too, though that was one of my fave things to shop for. a nice bouquet of pencils! or fresh new notebooks! or a crispy new backpack! yup...the good ole days.

    well, have fun getting all your stuff together, and try and plan something before school need a break!

  7. Are you so ready for school!?

    I absolutely despise school clothes shopping. Actually, I just hate shopping. Weird. I know.

    Happy Tuesday!

  8. she doesn't read your blog I'm guessing?....


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