Monday, August 16, 2010

Oscar Meyer Texter

It is good to be home but we did have some fun this weekend in Tulsa.

When we got there, it was like 9:30 pm and we were hungry so we talked about where to go for all eternity and decided on Chili's.
The last time we went to that Chili's, I was with Mel and her kids and we had to raise hell because the server had no interest in bringing us things.
Like refills and food and such.
This time around, we were seated by a less than enthusiastic person and waited for 5 minutes until we realized that the people next to us had no drinks either. He finally brought them and then said he would right with us and then when we ordered our margaritas we noticed that the bartender wasn't making them and the server still never even brought us water and 20 minutes into our visit- we left.
My husband stopped to talk to the manager who said he would personally wait on us himself but we were already over Chili's and their crappy service.

We ended up with a nice meal at Village Inn but there were no margaritas there.
Not that there were any at Chili's either.
Another place with awful service?
Eureka Springs.
They are in no hurry to greet or feed you at all!
There are 2 places I would eat there and we ate at those 2 places both times we visited.

Ok, now I am hungry.

Today was the first day of school.
Nothing eventful, I guess.
I planned to take the little one for pizza but as soon as he got in the car he asked me to take him to grandma's so he could mow because "he needs money."
She pays those kids a lot of cash to sit on a riding mower, she does.

On Sunday, we were all sitting at my sister's house and Mel got a text from an unknown number saying, "whaddup Lisa?"
Having no idea who it was, she typed, "nuttin" and then she received a picture.
Of a sexual nature.
It was erect. And black. And kind of shiny like it was coated in a bit of baby oil.
And you could see a part of a toilet seat in the background.
After squealing and passing around the phone (it was like a train wreck- we all had to see it) she informed him that this was not Lisa but Robert.
No more messages after that.

The text came from a California area code so we of course made up stories about Mr. Shlong and Lisa.
Was he in town and met her in a bar and she gave him a made-up number?
Did they have a night of passion and he was reminder her?
Did he send it to the right number but the wrong area code?
Was she his girlfriend and he grossly misdialed?
Would she be sad that she missed out on that pic?
Perplexing. I know.

Since I woke up too early and went into work at 7am, I am going to take a nap now.


  1. My fiance took a pic of my boobs, and he tried to send it to his new phone, but he accidentally sent it to someone else! Thank God my face wasn't showing!

    We always have problems with Chili's service.

  2. Apparently Glo told Mel that it's all part of "sexting" - which I just thought that meant dirty words. But no, it's dirty pix too! Yuck. I'm WAAAAAAY too old for that bidness.


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