Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday's post (yes, I am behind)

The weekend is over and I am happy to say it was a great one!

Saturday I got a lot accomplished around the house and then we went to the lake with another couple for dinner.
We stopped at Target to pick up some school supplies for the little one and got to the restaurant early so we had drinks outside overlooking the lake and had some fun with a bee or 2.
I had my Goose martini with blue cheese stuffed olives and a shrimp cocktail before we were seated and the evening was so wonderful.
The conversation never lulled and we all enjoyed steaks and even more drinks.
I also had a strawberry dragonfruit martini-oh I shall dream about it.

We got home early (we are old) and we layed in the hammock and enjoyed the beautiful night before going to bed.

My sister turned me on to this nail polish, Gunmetal, by Sally Hansen.
I gave myself a pedi and I must say, it looks fabulous on my toes!

I got these cute flats in blue and black from Target.
The blue shipped yesterday but the black will not ship til the end of Sept.
It is hard to find cute, comfortable shoes for work. And under $20!
We picked up the little one (and Skip) from grandma's today, he has been there all weekend to spend his last few days with his cousins before they go back to Jersey.
They all went to the waterpark today and he stayed home to ride the go-cart my BIL bought.
We were going to buy him one but now he wants a dirt bike.
His friend rides motorcross and now he wants to live dangerously too- oh my heart.

We took him and Skip to grab ice cream (Skip had vanilla) and then came home to walk the dogs and get his supplies ready for school.
He started last week but didn't need anything til tomorrow.
He has all his binders organized and he says he is ready for a great year of organization and good grades.

Tomorrow we are headed to the big one's college to see what they have to offer for financial aid because as I mentioned, we are not paying for school.
We will see what his options are and help him along the way with decisions though.
He has been staying in the dorm of a friend for the week of camp and to thank the guy for letting him crash there, he washed all of the laundry.

He is taking responsibility (although he did his own laundry last year) and thinking of others which I have stressed to him is the first part of becoming an adult.
He also mentioned that he is not taking all of his clothes with him this year.
Last year he insisted on taking his entire wardrobe and he was living in constant mess and chaos with little storage.

Have a great week1

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  1. those shoes are cute! love the nail polish too!! good for you/hubby for not paying for school for Big One; tough love is hard but it sounds like he is "getting it" and trying to do things on his own!!

    dinner with friends sounded like fun too!



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