Thursday, August 5, 2010

This post is like Advil pm except for the fiery cerebellum

I am using the family computer tonight.
I dislike posting on my iPad and my hard drive is shot (not my words-obviously)
The hubby is still performing cpr but I am saying my goodbyes in the form of a back-up hard drive to save my pics.

The first day of band camp went well. I missed the last 2 due to work but I hear they went well also.
I have spent most of my time either at work or in my car, thank God it is comfortable because it was 107 degrees the last 3 days.
My house is clean- nobody has been here but there isn't a speck of food and I am almost out of deodorant.
I have my Starbucks Verona blend and iced green tea and a case of Gardettos so I am going to make it at least another day.

Last night at the board meeting, I was officially voted in as 2nd Vice President.
It is hard work and the pay is zero but the benefits are great!
Those meetings are a snore.

Tomorrow we have to drag 140 bottles of water to the marching field by 10am, feed the kids lunch (we are grilling burgers and by "we", I mean the husbands) and then clean up. Then I have a few hours of free time which will be spent washing clothes and finding places to hang them (the dryer "needs a part", which in repairman terms, means I am screwed for a week or more) and public laundry facilities gross me out and I do not want to hang out with my MIL this week because there are loud kids there at her house.
So, I am saving the planet and hanging them to dry.
Good for me.
It cancels out all the plastic water bottles we hand out and the time I spend in my giant SUV.

I am not really a roughing it girl, you see.

I am really liking the Aveda Tourmaline Charged exfoliating face wash.
I have been using it all week along with the serum and I look 21!
I lie.
I do like the way my face looks and feels though.
Worth the money.

I actually look about 73 this week but that is because my dog ate my Advil pm (no, he didn't die and yes, I lost sleep but not over the dumb pill bottle snatching dog- I need my Advil pm to sleep!)
I am such a junkie!

Has anyone ever tried melatonin pills? My MIL said to use those instead since the Advil makes my brain feel like it is on fire the next morning (is that BAD?) but I was curious if you all knew anything about them.
Seriously, I feel like the inside of my head is burning.
Maybe it's early menopause.
All I know is as soon as I get my shower and the pill wears off, I am good.
I bet Finn felt the fires of a thousand hells, he ate so many pills.
Or maybe he slept a whole lot

Later this month we are taking family pictures (oh, joy!) to appease my MIL and I hope to take a short trip away before school starts the 18th.

I apologize that I am so boring.
Some funny things have happened but it is too hard to put these into words because my brain is tired.

I have been letting the little one drive a lot and he seems to really like driving.
Good, he can drive me all over town next week and see how I feel all the time.

Til we meet again.......


  1. my sister swears by melatonin. But it knocks her out!

  2. hi...the stuff you are taking is just benadryl, tho it is in a small dose, and ibuprofen 200 mg per pill. (poor finn!) so unless you need the ibuprofen for other reasons, i.e. aches and pains, just try taking a straight benadryl? one tab is 25mg, you might check with your doc first, but basically you are taking 38mg of benadryl in the advil pm, so just read the box and see. if you have problems such as acid reflux, the ibuprofen may make that worse, especially at bedtime and if you aren't eating with it. (i take ambien every now and then when i can't sleep) but i would check with your doc and if you have allergies, its a bonus! sorry about the hot weather, we have it here too. hope you get some relief soon. enjoy you time alone...while it lasts. lol

  3. When my life was "normal" I was actually taking a melatonin pill and a half a Unisom each night, and it was working really well for me. I slept well with no morning effects.

    Now that life is insane, I've revived my Ambien addiction though.

  4. I used to always take tylenol pm to sleep, but I took myself off of it. dON'T KNOW ANYTHING about the melatonin, but let me know what you find out about it. I didn't mean to yell, but I am not going back to fix it. lol Too lazy.

  5. i just lay down and go to sleep... don't hate me! i thought everyone did that. i had a time in my life where i didn't sleep well for over a year, i thought it was going to kill me- i feel for you non-lay-down-&-go-to-sleep types!

  6. I don't know anything about melatonin...I've been taking Estroven (night-time) and it's working for the hot flashes and puts me right to sleep!


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