Saturday, August 7, 2010


This past week was exhausting!
Last Saturday, my co-vice president and I were going to make an early morning trip to Sam's to stock up on supplies for camp. She called me Friday evening and asked if her husband and mine could come along for a shopping trip/ date night and we would leave around 4 instead of the crack of dawn and since Mr. Funny goes with the flow (he didn't used to be so accommodating!) I said sure.
We had so much fun planning our menus and stayed under budget on the food (although ended up over-budget by Friday with some extras) but we had a fabulous dinner first at a Japanese steakhouse where they cook at the table.
We had some family drama- her side for once- but in the end, it was a good night.

I spent Monday loading all of the stuff from the concession stand and hauling it to the cafeteria where we serve lunch.
We were told that we could only use the tables to serve and seat the kids (about 145) but the head of the food service program was serving lunch to all of the teachers in the district all week and when I asked if we could use the convection ovens and dish machine, he was generous.
We served hot dogs, chili, chips, brownies, apple slices and Kool Aid and lemonade the first day. The band parents really came through for us on the desserts!! We ended up with tons of leftovers that we used the entire week.

Tuesday and Wednesday, I was working at the restaurant so all I did was make phone calls to assure C was doing fine on volunteers; she was.
Tuesday we had our booster board meeting where I was voted in as 2nd VP and we decided we need a new band trailer to haul our equipment.
Enter my sweet husband who has many big money connections and hopefully, one of the local banks will provide us with a new $7000 trailer or at least take some of the burden off of us.
With school budgets being cut, we are even more dependent on the generosity of others.
Tuesday they served fried chicken and macaroni and cheese and Wednesday was sub sandwich day.

Thursday, one of the band dad's grilled burgers (the man trains secret service agents for a living!) and Friday we had pizza delivered- so easy! My husband made smoothies ( his previous job was in sales for a frozen drink company and he still does it part-time for extra college money) and we were STARS!
We really did have a great team and the cafeteria ladies were angels helping us with the food warming and letting us get in their way all week. I gave them coupons for our restaurant and they were so grateful!

The gospel festival brought an extra 30,000 people to our town and the restaurant was crazy for a few days but we survived (I managed to stay busy with my own stuff and avoided the mess but the traffic was scary and the little one did not get to do any driving this week)

Today, I woke up early and watched Boston Med (looooove it!---try to catch it on up to episode 4 but a headache got the best of me and by 1pm, I was in my bed with my sleep mask on.
I assumed it was a tension headache but every time I moved, my head, neck and shoulders throbbed and I felt physically ill and ended up sleeping ( I got up at 2 to take a shower but went right back to bed after) until 5pm when my husband made me get up and shower for dinner. I took Excedrine Tension headache and felt somewhat better.
I think it was a combination of PMS, depression, a socially overwhelming week (I do not spend that much time with hundreds of people for
long periods and I am a freak) and a regular tension headache. It might have even been a migraine, I don't recall ever having one before.

We had a nice dinner and I still have a residual throb but I am much better.
I am going to make a massage a appt. first thing Monday to dissipate the tightness I still feel.

I really get myself worked up about nothing, don't I?
All that pressure to make the week easy for those hardworking kids of ours is harder on me.
Again, I am a freak!

I need to sleep (shockingly, I am really tired!) and prepare to work tomorrow and do some school shopping Monday for the boys.
School starts the 18th for the little one and I am still uncertain of the big one's plans this year (long story, still not elaborating)

I just took some Advil Migraine because the pain is back so I hope it works!

Cross your fingers for the whiney baby!


  1. oh, you poor thing....i get migraines at least a couple times a week, don't EVEN think of calling yourself a whiner, you go right ahead and compain all you want!! you have earned every bit of it! try gulping some coke or mountain dew, or anything with high caffeine, hence the excedrin migraine, it has caffeine in it. it is supposed to open the vessel in your head to release that tightness. i have had them for over 25 years. i take meds daily to prevent them, also meds when i get them. i know the "ugh" feeling and it is so awful and debilitating. just go lay down in a dark room and sleep, bless your lil heart. i hope it is gone by tomorrow. stress does bring them on, mine are triggered by the weather, the change in barometric pressure. then again, others, some foods. let us know the ending to your story! {{hugs}}

  2. I had this crazy dream last night that I was shopping at a garage sale you were having. It was an awesome sale, by the way. You had a bunch of gorgeous stuff, and really good prices. Not sure what all that means!

    Hope you get a great massage and have a more relaxing week this next one!


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