Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekend update.

Friday we went to Sam's for supplies to stock the concession stand. Our first JV game is tomorrow and first home game is Friday.
We did some shopping at the mall to kill time waiting for C's glasses to get fixed.
I found a couple tops.
Both are blue.

We noticed that everything from the 90's is back.
This is sad and unfortunate.
I weigh more than I did in the 90's.
Here's what I ended up with.

I bought Mr. Funny some new cologne.
We spent an hour at Sephora sniffing cologne til we found one. We were laughing so hard because there were so many of the scent sticks laying around and I kept forgetting which ones I sprayed on which stick.
John Varvatos Vintage was the winner.
He likes it- thank you God.

We had dinner here.
We did not like it.
The server came by and asked how it was. Since C was shoving food in and and avoiding the question, I smiled and said "interesting."
"Fantastic" he said.
After choking it down (the sauces we picked were too strong, the meat overcooked and the noodles tasted funny) we were so ready for the check. Our server came by and said "do you know what's even better?? the second bowl!" He should learn how to read people better.

We were glad the guys weren't with us, they would have hated it even more.

It took 4 huge flatbed carts at Sam's and a very nice young man (am I 80?) helped us out to load the trailer. It took us 10 minutes to load it.
After a stop at dairy queen for ice cream and burgers, we headed home.
It took us an hour to unload it at the school.

Yesterday was typical Saturday.
Cleaning, organizing and then dinner with the husband at our Mexican place.

Today was work, nap and then the guys (the little one is driving all the time now) picked up pizza and we watched the Emmy's.
I loved the intro with the glee club trying to make enough to get tickets to the Emmy's.
I still have to finish watching it later but Glee was doing great and so was Dexter.

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  1. love the top; it is so very cute! isn't it neat when they learn to drive? it really does free up so much time :) (but then that also means they are getting older.....)

    sorry dinner wasn't a success at that place :(



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