Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Plagues Me

My son is really loving his Honors History class.
We studied for a huge, confusing test last night and after picking him up from school, he informed me that there is a good chance that he did not do bad on the test.
His words.
And they have moved on from religions, and serfs and Constantinople.

They are studying the Black Plague.
He is beside himself with glee.
The rotting appendages, the spewing of blood from the entrances and exits of the human body, the stench, the corpses, the swollen glands.
He IS his mother's son.
Obsessed with the gruesome and gross.

I, too, am enjoying this bonding time that we are having even if it is a little sick.

My husband asked me if I was interested in going to see my sister's in November.
Apparently there is the Worlds Largest Gun Show (who knew? who cares?) and he is going.
I will be drinking vodka and thanking baby Jesus that he has a friend to go with him.
Although, my youngest sister might go as well.

Today, I was invited to go watch a cage fighting match.
With a friend/employee from work and HER MOTHER.
We are going to go to dinner and drinks first.
Here's to hoping my hubby will be the driver.....

I need to throw in a load of laundry, watch The Gates and pick up the little one from band practice.

We are going to Google the Black Plague tonight.


  1. LOL; it is never a dull moment at your house. how cool though that your son likes history that much! lots of fascinating information out there indeed! I hope you have a great evening...........


  2. I love history! Don't know much about the black plague, though.

    The worlds largest gun show wouldn't be my idea of fun either. Have fun at the cage fight.

  3. That makes me laugh how much he likes his morbid studies!

  4. Yea for little one! I hated history in high school and barely passed. When I went to college, at the ripe old age of 40, to get my business degree I couldn't get enough of history and ended up minoring in it. Go figure.

    I've never been to a cage fight. Can't wait to hear about it. The gun show sounds boring but the rest of it sounds like fun.


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