Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bite the bullet

I am doing yet another bullet post. Easy and quick.

  • We are all sick over here. The little one has a sinus infection- went to the doctor yesterday and he put him on an antibiotic, I also have sinus issues and a cough- I called in sick on Sunday (something I rarely do) and today I felt hideous, and Mr. Funny has fever, chills and body aches. We are a fun bunch is what we are.
  • I cannot drink coffee when I am sick. I have been drinking Tazo green tea and it really helps along with a neti pot- I hate antibiotics so I try the home remedies. I have also been drinking Sprite. 
  • Tylenol Sinus and Tylenol Cold make me loopy. And they don't work. Tylenol- you suck.
  • I haven't slept in 3 days. I blame the Tylenol and Alka Seltzer crap which also didn't work.
  • This morning at work, first thing, I was introduced to a member of the Tea Party. He asked for my vote and to attend his rally. He talked forever. I wanted to pass out I felt so awful. I really just wanted to drink my green tea. Alone. Call it a private tea party.
  • 8 am is too early for politics. 
  • Every room in this house is clean, organized and ready for inspection.(except the garage) Which was today but I cancelled it yesterday because Mr. was sick in bed most of the day today. The stupid woman came anyway, guess she doesn't check her voicemails. He didn't answer the door.
  • By the time we reschedule, the house will be dirty and messy again. *sigh*
  • 3 football games this week. I have to work 2 of them. *sigh*
  • The road construction is terrible. One lane on the highway (they are adding 2 lanes) and they wouldn't let me out of my neighborhood forever at 6:35 this morning. He asked where I was headed to (school for morning band) and told me it would be a while before southbound traffic could go through. I told him he had 10 minutes. He gave me a look. Little one was late to morning band and I was still nice to the man. Then I had to come home, finish getting ready for work and go back into the line. Same man, I was still nice. Late for work. Came home later. Same man. Left at 9pm to get little one from evening practice. The new one working tonight called me sweetheart. As in "sweetheart, you can go as soon as it is clear" I like him even better. I should be offended by him calling me sweetheart but I'm not. He was young enough to be my son. At least he didn't call me maam.
  • I have work tomorrow, concession for game on Thursday, tailgate party Friday at 5, high school game at 7 (little one marches and I am watching this one) and we are undefeated and playing an undefeated school. This is entertaining for small town folks so it's gonna be crazy. Did I mention I hate football?
  • Saturday I am going to the cage fight. I regret agreeing to do so. We are going for drinks first.
  • I forgot fashion friday. I have lots to say and pictures galore.
  • I will get back to you.
  • I am drawing the name for the fall favorites next Tuesday. Send me a comment with your ideas, favorites, etc.... and win a great fall scented candle or oil burner. Or a German Shepherd.
  • Maybe I will get my fall stuff out by then.
  • I missed Glee. I was napping.
  • Crap.
  • Did I say this post would be quick and easy? 
  • Yeah.


  1. poor all of you!! you need to disinfect your house of all those germs! I thought about you when I realized Glee started back up tonight; hope you Tivo'd it. First time I got called ma'am, I looked around to see who they were talking to and realized it was me. I think that led to several days of major depression. Road construction is never fun indeed!


  2. Yuck on being sick! Hope you get better fast! When is it ever a good time for politics?!

  3. We've been sick here too. Did you give it to me?

    I know that stretch of road and construction on it would not be fun at all. Glad you are nice to those poor guys who get glared at all day long.

    Anytime is too early for politics.
    Nice steady rain here this morning, but it can quit anytime.

    Fall favorites, as in TV shows? New ones or all? I vote Hawaii Five 0.

    You missed a good Glee.

    Hope you feel better REAL soon!

  4. I ABSOLUTELY hate it when people call me Maam. Makes me feel old. I am, but I don't want them pointing it out to me...


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