Thursday, September 2, 2010

I have spent way too much time today doing tedious tasks so I am treating myself to some blog time.

  • I have a spiral notebook that I am using to organize my volunteers for marching festivals and concession help. I realize I could have typed it up on the computer but I wanted it in a book so I could look up phone numbers at the last minute if I get in a bind for help. It is finally finished after spending the better part of last night and an hour today on it. Remember when people had A phone number? Now they have a home, cell, husbands cell, work and husbands work number. Which one will get me to you the fastest????
  • My husband asked me yesterday what our holiday weekend plans are. I asked what he had in mind and he said "Tulsa" which isn't a bad idea since my sister's fiance' is in town (he is in the navy) and I haven't met him yet. I am sure he knows ALL about me. I wonder if he expects me to have horns. Ha!
  • Speaking of Tulsa, this little bit of sunshine has yet to open. Oh Anthropologie, how I long for thee. Sadness.
  • I am getting my hair cut tomorrow. I have been pondering on trying out a different place and after buying all of my Aveda products there for some time, I decided to make an appt. The girls that work there are so cool and sweet and have wanted me to try them out. The good part is that they have all the products- hair and skin- that I adore, they do massages, manis and pedis and facials and waxing. The bad part is that the stylist I chose charges 3 times more than I pay now. My current stylist is very reasonable, but if I don't love the results, it is money wasted. Life is too short to have bad hair. Wish me luck!
  • Two of the dogs, Kona and Skip have an itchy rashlike thing on their bellies. I made an appt for their vet for tomorrow and have been giving them Benadryl to combat the noisy nighttime itching. It might be allergies. Let's hope it isn't some gross disease they got from the bunnies under the shed that they love to chase.
  • Once a week or so, my husband shows me the Ugg website (to torture me?) since he gets their e-mails (he ordered me some boots and now gets the new style updates) Tonight he mentioned that he will probably need to get me a new pair this year because he wants a new gun. The man is learning quickly. We wore Uggs last Dec. when we went to NYC for my birthday and it was cold. Then we had that blizzard and it got colder. Our feet were warm. Toasty.
  • I have been loving me some Adam Lambert lately. I like his cool look and individuality. And his music makes me dance. In my yoga pants. Here is my new favorite:

  • Tomorrow is our first high school football game. We had a JV game Monday and opened the concession stand. It was fairly slow but I did make funnel cakes (with some expert help from my husband) and amazingly it all came back to me. We have found a couple of dad's who are interested in taking over my thankless (ha) job so I can run the show instead of work. We have worked really hard to prepare for this so it our big night. It is also the little one's big night because it is our first night of marching during half time. Our director has chosen opera as the theme. One of the local bottlers is donating Monster energy drinks (I know they are bad for you and I don't let my kids drink them much if at all) before the game and we are throwing a tailgate party and serving burgers and hot dogs. This is a first and I hope it is profitable. The temps are supposed to be in the 70's for highs and 50's for lows so we plan on selling lots of food.
  • It rained so hard tonight for so long that the roads were completely flooded when I stopped by the restaurant. I hydroplaned the entire way home. They just widened the highway to my house and apparently the drainage system is lacking. Stimulus money at it's best. The road is also kind of odd. Part concrete and part asphalt with a big seam between them. Plus some lanes are wider and as you get closer to town, they narrow almost too much. Maybe they ran out of funds. Should we call China and ask for another loan?


  1. Life IS too short to have bad hair! lol

    You will probably get ahold of them faster on facebook or twitter!

    Yesterday was the day it rained here. For now on, I will give you the forecast for your area.

    Can you have him order me some Uggs,too? Good luck at the game!

  2. I go to a salon that sells Aveda and they charge more than any of the other salons too, but after years of going from stylist to stylist, I am like you and decided life is too short to have bad hair!

    I've never had Uggs but maybe this year. I have Raynauds (extremities get extremely painful when cold) and my toes would probably thank me for a pair of Uggs.

    It sounds like you have gone to an great deal of work to make everything perfect for the concessions and tail gate. Hope you make LOTS of money.

  3. good luck with the game tonight! sounds like it will be lots of fun and I have to think you will do well with selling food if the temps are like that! how exciting too for the band performing, I always enjoy watching the kids out there putting on their show

    whatever you do this weekend, have a fun one!


  4. I get hives when my stylist goes on vacation when she KNOWS I'm coming in that week! Good Luck

    I bought my first pair of Uggs at the Nordstrom half yearly. I'm hoping they don't look too young for me when it comes time to actually wear them. We'll see.


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