Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I started this post on Monday night. I fell asleep.

I fully intended on going to bed early tonight but I grabbed my iPad to look for yoga clothing and here I am. An hour later.
I looked at Athleta, Gap, Old Navy, Target, Macy's, and Victorias Secret and have no idea where to get good quality yoga pants and tanks that don't show boob or crack and still make me look svelte and fit.

I just kill myself sometimes.

As usual, we spent our day off running errands.
We dropped off our fryer filter to be serviced, and the Bunn coffeepot from the concession stand that leaks everywhere, picked up some restaurant supplies, found a funnel cake ring and pitcher we desperately need, got the little one some jeans (it is so hard to find 30/34 's, we bought all 3 pairs at AE), picked up some bras and panties for me at VS, got some fall candles at B& B Works (pumpkin patch and autumn if you care)stopped at Sam's Club for cheese, and ordered a new whisk for the mixer at work.

We had a great lunch at Olive Garden at some point.

When we got home, I gave the dogs pedis, threw in some towels, spent some time with the kiddo and watched "I like bearssss" win Bachelor Pad. Deep.
My husband said his brain cells were dying by him just being in the same room.
I really want to watch the Housewives of DC, it is sad really.

It is now Wednesday and I am posting nearly once a week nowadays.

Yesterday I worked, took the little one in for a haircut (at the new place) He was really impressed because normally, he just has his hair sprayed with water, trimmed and is on his way.
He got the full treatment- scalp massage, shampoo, deep conditioning, cut, shampoo, blow out and and style.
The girls kept telling him how cute he is and how great his hair is and he just loved it!
He wanted to know why we haven't been going there the entire time! I made an appt. for a cut and color for myself and he wanted some product (grooming cream for men) for his new faux hauk (he won't do it like that every day but he sure looks cute!) and then raced to my board meeting and then the band parent meeting.
I resigned my VP position for next year and I feel so relieved.
I still plan to volunteer as much as I do, just without the responsibility for all the crap.
Not interested.

Today I worked and then the other VP and I went to the city to go to Sam's to get some things for the first band competition this Sat. which is a parade.
I drove in a monsoon on the highway and we made good time of grocery shopping and fit an unbelievable amount of stuff in the Suburban.
We had dinner at Panera (love the french onion soup and mac and cheese) and made it home with enough time to unload, organize and pick up the little one from his friends house.

I just cannot believe how busy I am anymore.
I miss my staying home blogging and watching shows and hanging with the hubby and dogs during the day.
I still manage to get in one post a week, stay caught up on laundry and grab groceries but the dogs have been kind of ignored and I hardly ever see my husband and child.

Speaking of.
The little one pre-ordered the new Halo video game a while back.
He got the extra stuff with it, paid for it with his own money ($150) and still hasn't received it.
His friends all have theirs so when he got out of school today (it was a an early out day) he went to play it at his friends house.
He asked me if I could stay home tomorrow and wait for it since it shipped days ago so I told him I would sit on the front porch and stare at the road until it got here.
He thought I was serious.
I really don't have anywhere to be til 3 when I need to set up concessions for the game.
I hope it is sunny.

I got my Real Simple today and I want to catch the new episode of Parenthood and Life Unexpected so I shall go.

I plan to do a fashion Friday this week because I am really loving the sweaters and boots for fall this year.
Plus, my birthday is in Dec. and my husband needs ideas.

Here is where you participate (any lurkers??)
What is your most favorite fall thing?
Is there a pair of boots or decoration or scent you like?
Do you love pumpkin spice latte or cider? Hayrides or ghost stories (me, me, me!)
Do you decorate your house like crazy? (me, me, me)

I will take all your answers and let Finn randomly pick one and whoever wins, gets a B & B Works scented candle or home fragrance oil in the fall scent of their choice.


  1. I love fall. I think it's because my birthday is in October (which is in no way meant to sway the vote!) My favorite thing is to go outside and walk as the leaves are falling. I especially love walking through big piles of leaves. The smell, the sound, the cool air! Love it!

  2. i like fall AFTER we get a freeze because the rag weed DESTROYS me! I LOVE any kind of pumpkin scent, LOVE fall fashion, LOVE going with the mister & darling to Michigan apple orchards....and even with all this love, I would still move to Maui today & leave it all behind! I could always take the pumpkin scent with me!!

  3. favorite fall thing---leaves changing on the trees -- love the colors of them; unfortunately we don't get the beauty of them like we did in Montana. Fortunately though we don't have to shovel sidewalks come winter :)

    you are busy! LOL with your comment about waiting for the Halo game to come in, I'm surprised he didn't ask you to go and try to track down the delivery yourself :) (mine would have, and silly me would have considered doing it :)

    good idea to resign from the VP position. I always like being the worker bee and allowing others to be the queen bee, know what I mean? I rather work, work, work and let someone else have the responsibility to make decisions, plans, etc

    take time to breathe every now and then, okay?


  4. My recommendation for yoga pants is to get the ones with the fold down waist because while you're doing yoga, you can fold the flap up and your crack will never show. I have several pair like that that I love.When you're doing weird poses you don't want to have to worry about your crack showing and those pants do the trick....

  5. I Love, LOVE anything pumpkin smelling....especially the Pumpkin Spice Latte. I absolutely fell in love with these boots http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3094436?origin=category&resultback=1844 and these boots http://www.thefryecompany.com/Product-Women-Boots-Tall%20Shaft-77168BLK.aspx.

  6. See, I am very picky about my clothes and I love the Old Navy yoga pants. They're very soft and accommodating. In fact, the reason I love them the most is because they're so roomy, that I take an XS. My XS's went out the window with my perky boobs many, many years ago. So, that's the main reason I love them.

    I love pumpkin anything. Candles, pie, actual pumpkins.

    I also love a good excuse to buy a new pair of boots.

  7. Hi, I've been reading your blog about once a week for the past few months but I just decided to follow you. Anywho, I usually dont read the comments but I was interested if you got any good tips on the yogawear, please post when you find good deals.


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