Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I wanted to shock you by posting every day (like I used to do) this week but it's gonna be tough.
Mr. Funny's mom insisted he go to the doctor today while I was working and since he appeared to be half dead, she drove him.
He has a severe viral infection, an ear infection and got 2 shots for inflammation for his head which has been throbbing and an antibiotic.
He cannot drive or work for a few days.
This also totals my "people who have to take antibiotics and refuse to do so I have to stare at them until they do it" to 2.
Thankfully, I have nothing else to do.

I covered his schedule for the next couple of days without screwing up too much of my own obligations.

He has been in bed since 10pm last night (with the exception of the appt. today and a few trips to the bathroom) and when I got home I was really worried because he was really hot to the touch last night and breathing quickly this morning and I hadn't talked to him much because he was asleep and I was at work.
Around 7, he called down and asked for some orange juice and ice water and took some Advil for me.
It must be awful for him because he is an active person who doesn't enjoy the comforts of laying in bed all the time like myself.
I once slept for 2 days straight when I had strep and bronchitis. Then another 3 or 4 days resting off and on.
I loved it!
I really hope he gets better soon because I hate it when he is sick!

Thank goodness I feel better today.
Thank you for all of the get well wishes.
Now I need to get to bed because I have to work tomorrow.

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  1. glad hubby went to the doctor, but it sounds like he was really really really sick!! I hope the meds start working and he feels better soon. honestly, it drives me crazy when hubby is sick (I have no compassion, LOL)

    you take care of yourself too....



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