Monday, September 6, 2010

Our Labor Day weekend was jam packed with good times.
Except for the bad times.
We will get those out of the way first.

1.) we went to dinner at a hibachi style restaurant where we (my sister D and I) ate something that did not agree with us and then we went to a bar and drank beer and shot pool. and we (D and I) started feeling not so good. rumbly in the tumbly. we spent some time in the bathroom. of a bar. it was a first for me. and then we went back to my sisters house and drank more beer and talked. well, some of them talked. meanwhile, D and I spent quality time in the bathroom together again taking turns emptying our guts (not to be confused with spilling our guts which she, in fact, was also doing) and talking about her relationship. and the terrible noises our stomachs were making. and wishing we could leave that tiny bathroom. fortunately, nobody wanted to go in there when we were done so it was all ours. I am no longer going to eat at japanese steakhouses.
I am sorry to be crass but this was the short version. the people that were there will never be the same.

2. I met my sister, D's fiance' as soon as we got to tulsa. shortly after (10 minutes) she informed me that she was not sure if she was going to marry him after all. coincidentally, this was also in the bathroom. we have no shame, we always go to the bathroom in two's or three's. after #1 on my list (and #2 ha!!!) he was still around. shockingly, so was my husband. sadly, it is over for my sister and her man. I think.

here are some of us......little did I know what the night would bring (you can click on the pics to enlarge them)

forced smile during birthday song

here are all of us (D and her fiance', hubby and myself, J's hubby R, my brother J, sister J, Mel and G (family friend from way back)


my hubby and I

birthday shots at the bar

no shot for me- I tend to barf if I do shots

Mel and I (unflattering photo!)

lunch with the goblins- can they smile any goofier?

my nephew and I

Mel and her hooter (the owl necklace, that is)

we had margaritas for lunch. before noon. we are crazy is what we are. we ended up napping after lunch.

I also got a great new fall Coach bag from my sweet hubby.

and some yummy smelling new perfume

Mel and I fell in love with this haunted house luminary at bath and body works the other day. I surprised her with it for her birthday. My hubby surprised me with one on Wed. I do love Halloween decor, cannot wait to put it out.
I am so late posting this but I have had problems downloading the photos and have been very busy this week with 3 football games, work, laundry, a dirty house and a short shopping trip to the city to get a few fall tops.
Tomorrow, 2 of my sisters and my sister's husband are coming to bring the little one his car. We are buying it from my youngest sister so she can get a new car. He won't be able to drive until June but at least he will have a car when he turns 16.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. oh my gosh,I bet little one is so excited that he will have a car once he is old enough for it!

    except for the tummy rumblings, your trip to Tulsa looked like it was lots of fun.....that purse is soooo cute!


  2. Looked like fun! You all looked very pretty. When are we going to see these new fall shirts???

    p.s. Take an umbrella with you tomorrow. It's probably going to storm out your way. :)

  3. everytime we go to japanese hibachi we have the "upset tummy" like you do. it is not really food poisoning, but just the richness, i guess. we lived in okinawa for 4 years, it happened there each time we ate that type and now here when we go to that style of restaurant. we love it so much, we do it occassionaly and indulge and endure. and it is both of us that have intestinal happens each time.

    you guys look soooo happy here, so cute, cept for your bathroom adventure, eh? and what a cute purse....hey, don't feel bad about not postint, for me, its been over a week. i started to one day, but got another dang headache. i'd rather sit on the toilet for several days, wanna trade? lol

  4. Ooooh, I love, LOVE Halloween. My favorite! Tell me... do you dress up? Costume-wise, I mean. =)

  5. Oh, that purse! That purse! I am in purse envy.

    My sisters and I would so be sick together. Sick and still talking and talking.

    It sounds like you had a fabulous time, except of course, for the sick part.


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