Monday, September 13, 2010

Our weekend was jam packed and I am kind of sad that it is over.

Friday I cleaned the big ones room top to bottom and cleared out lots of crap. I washed the sheets, dusted, vacuumed and organized the closet and drawers and although he is again away at school, he has an entire dresser and closet full of clothes and shoes.

I finished all of the laundry and de-dog haired the place.
These Germans (as my husband fondly calls the big dogs) shed like crazy!

On Saturday, 2 of my sisters and my brother in law came for a short visit to drop off the little one's new car.
It is a Honda Accord and he cannot legally drive it alone til he turns 16 in June.
Anyway, my sister sold it to us for a good price and he is happy to have a car now.
He would be happier with a 2011 Camaro but sometimes, parents are mean and make you drive reasonable vehicles.
We have been letting him drive the Tahoe and Suburban all around and he has gotten to be a very good driver, I am more relaxed this time around.

We all went to dinner at the lake and I invited a friend of our who is single, hoping that my sister might be interested in him but she was not.
(He does contract work in Iraq and Afganistan and he had some interesting and terrifying stories to tell about terrorism and things I really don't want to now about.)
She is still unsure of her broken engagement and the guy who still adores her, who knows.
It was good company and the little one even joined us this time.
We stayed up way too late as usual.

I drank a little too much vodka and woke up this morning with a headache and not near enough sleep but plowed on into work like a good little soldier.

The rest of them went target practicing with Mr. Funny's arsenal and thank God I had to work!

Awhile back, we had considered getting a central vacuum unit installed in the house but it was a little more than we wanted to pay but after my brother in law saw first hand the dog hair issue, he mentioned it and I am going to get a new estimate for just the main floor.
I would love to just sweep the hair under the cabinets and have the hair disappear into vacuum hell.

We lost another cook yesterday but hired 2 more today so I am hoping that they will work out.
There are so many druggies and losers and people who are not interested in working in this town.

We grabbed some groceries and made spaghetti and meatballs and edamame for dinner and then we watched a movie and I vacuumed again, brushed the dogs and did another load of laundry.

Tomorrow we have to go to the city to get some of our equipment serviced and I need to find the little one some jeans as the weather here has gotten chilly practically overnight. I also need to get him a new jacket for fall and a pumpkin candle for my haunted house. Maybe a fall lipgloss as well.

In answer to some questions:
-No, I do not dress up for Halloween. I do love to dress up the house and porch though.
-The fall shirts I got were the long sleeved tissue tees from Target- black, teal, purple and gray and an army green henley and I got the cutest ruffle front sweater in navy blue at Marshalls. Matches my navy flats from Target. I did not take pictures.
-I have done nothing to lose weight except cut way back on my portions and drink tons of water.
I have a friend that wants to walk with me starting this week in the evenings and there is a great park close by that we can meet at.
I also plan to start taking yoga at the end of the month when the new session starts.

Have a fantastic week!!


  1. A vacuum system would be great but I could not afford that. We have cat hair to deal with but since they usually have certain favorite places, it limits the clean up. They also do not seem to shed that badly for some reason.

  2. see,that is what I am doing too with losing weight, cutting back on portions, keeping track of calories/portion sizes, etc. its working too!! good for you; great plan and when you walk and add yoga to it, it will be great!!

    LOL about the little one and wanting to drive a 2011 Camaro (in their dreams, right???) imagine the insurance on such a car!

    seems like you had a great weekend! always a trooper to get up and go to work after a night of a little too much to drink! (I had a friend once who enjoyed happy hours and whatnot, her rule was no matter how bad she felt the next day, she always got up and went to work :)

    Enjoy the day


  3. It's funny that we were both at the Lake. One of these days we are going to have to do a little coordinating of schedules and meet.

    A central vacuum system would be wonderful but isn't in my budget. With only one little dog, and no kids - there really is no need. I can see where you would definitely want one, though.

    I'm still in the dog house for letting my 14 year old grandson drive my car around the parking lot. Geeze.

    congrats on losing weight. Smaller portions and water is a good way to do it. The yoga will make you feel so good - just wait and see.

  4. We learned not to buy the new car when the first girl had 2 car accidents in her first 9 days of driving. Boys are different. I think they are naturally better drivers.

    We have a central vac system with the sweepy things. Love it. But it does have one downfall, if you get something stuck in it, which does happen sometimes, it's going to cost you about 200 bucks to have them come service it. I did it one time and I watched them work. Pretty much they take a vacuum up to the various holes in the house and suck the stuff out from the holes. Since then, we've had other stuff stuck in there. (I have 3 kids. They're so lazy. They vacuum up anything in their path.) A full sized shop vac does exactly what their sucker does. Just put the shop vac hose on the hole and turn it on. It'll suck whatever it is, right out of there. My tip to you.

  5. I would like a 2011 camaro, too!

    I started walking today, and now I have blisters, and my leg is hurting! I should take it as a sign!

  6. Ooh yes, I was in a house once where they had those under the counter sucker holes for sweepings. So cool. I mean I know if I had it installed I'd mess it up within hours making it suck jello and spaghetti and stuff, but in theory it's a great idea.

  7. YOGA=45 min. of trying NOT to fart... good luck with that!


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