Sunday, September 19, 2010

That Samantha chick on Bewitched never knew how good she had it

I want to tell you about our first band festival, which was a parade, but I am sore and tired and sprawled out in bed with gobs of moisturizer on my dry skin, wet hair and little time and energy.

My husband decided that we would refinance our house, after 3 years of living here.
It will save us about $100,000 and that alone makes it totally worth it but then he dropped the bomb.

The house has to be re-appraised.

Spotless and showroom ready (I think that might be car-speak, honey) as he calls it and the places she wants to photograph?
The basement, the master bedroom and bath suite, the dining room, office and the garage.
If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that a.) my husband is a pack rat b.) I like procrastinating, and am insanely busy anymore and c.) I do not have live-in help so.........the office is a disaster zone with a years worth of papers to file and piles of lord knows what, the basement still has last years fall and holiday tubs still piled everywhere along with clothes that need organizing, a horribly messy video game playing area, and Legos and Hot Wheels and musical instruments, oh my.
The bedroom is decent as soon as I put away my shoes and clean laundry but the bathroom is still missing cabinet doors due to my inability to decide on cream or black paint. For 8 months now.
The garage would be fine with some lighter fluid and a match.
And the dining room looks perfect except where the dog barfed last weekend and a shampoo is needed.

So yesterday, we cleaned and organized the basement.
It gave me hope .
Tomorrow, while I toil away at work, my husband is going to start on the office.
He says.
Then I will whip the bedroom into shape and hang a drop cloth in front of the bathroom with a note stating that there is a decomposing woman in the tub and no photos will be allowed and no, we did not murder her. We found her there one day.
It was most certainly a suicide.
She was hired to clean my house.

As for the garage.
Probably NOT going to happen by Tuesday.
My back hurts and the cleaning lady is missing.
And I have been wiggling my nose for so long that now I have a cramp.


  1. Well you blog at least is looking fabulous! I love the new background, and the new llama.

  2. I have spent my life wishing that nose twitching thing would work, or that magical fairies would appear while I was sleeping and clean my house for me.

    Neither of them have ever come to fruition, but that won't stop me from spending my life wishing.

    And for the record, when the girls were little, my hubs sent an appraiser over for the very same reason, but the thing is, he forgot to tell me about it! I was mortified! 3 small children equals a constant mess.

    The appraiser, a woman, reassured me that they are not looking at the stuff in the house, or the cleanliness, they look at square footage and features and the like. She said people are always considered about the order and cleanliness of their house and she said, it doesn't even factor in. Made me feel a whole lot better.

  3. I think that commenter is right about what the appraisers are looking at. having said that though, I would be like you trying to organize and clean everything before the appraiser came. good luck with it all!


  4. Oh my. You got me with she committed suicide cuz you had hired her to clean your house. Saving 100 grand is a good thing. I'd spend a little of the savings and hire some help for a day!

    Busy and tired here too. Too tired to blog. Maybe tomorrow..

  5. bless your wickedly clean little house! i know it will be soooo worth it, and will you post those precious pics? lol after all, blogging minds will want to see....

    and after all is said and done, go out and do something really frivolous and fun for yourself. you did all that cleaning and saving, after all. and delete this post, i don't want hubby seeing it and getting any ideas for hunting!

  6. i vote black! (for the cabinets)
    love the new background also!!


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