Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I am sitting here in my husbands hospital room watching a show called Mobile Home Disasters.
Somewhere along the way, I grew bored with HGTV and "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" and the annoying, spoiled girls on "Say Yes to the Dress."
The host of this show, who is quite funny, told the mobile home owners (we call them trailers in these parts- I guess mobile home sounds fancier) that "if Duran Duran was on the radio when you were painting, it's time to paint again"
The trailer is also a portal for ghosts.

I need to get out of here for a while.

Today is the big one's 20th birthday. I can't put up pics because I don't have any in my iPad.
We took him to dinner last night to a restaurant right by the hospital (his college and the hospital are a mile apart)

It is hard to say how my hubby is doing.
On one hand, there are small improvements daily, for example: he asked for a Coke a bit ago and he is getting up to use the bathroom instead of using the urinal in bed.
On the other hand, his platelets are still low, he is on a heart monitor and meds to keep his heart rate normal, he eats very little, has not showered for a week (except a sponge bath) is on oxygen, has many IV's, and sleeps more than he is awake.
I am told he is still very sick but improving.

I am very frustrated with not knowing much and the lack of info on the web.
After doing my own research, I have found that most sites say that Ehrlichiosis (ear lick ee oh sis) is uncommon, not too serious and not fatal and I say BULLSHIT because when your body starts shutting down and your heart beats so fast it is wearing itself out, you will eventually die.

I am also distracted by the many things I feel like I am neglecting.
I, myself am very busy with work, the kids, my volunteer work, the dogs, the house, etc.
My husband takes care of ALL of the finances for the restaurant and the house.
He pays some bills online, some he mails, some he delivers in person. He gets texts and emails reminding him when things are due and how much. He deals with several bank accounts, both personal and business. He has a few checkbooks. He takes care of the yard, the fish pond, the mortgages, the constant work issues like backed up drains, computer issues, food purveyors, salespeople, carpet and hood cleaners, advertising people etc etc etc.............

I have no idea how to do his job.
I have been answering phone calls and texts all day every day about the personal aspects, people wanting information on how he is doing.
I have read the emails and tried to answer them, I have deposited and transferred money for payroll and the cell phone bill.
I have organized and shredded and opened a mountain of mail.
I have delegated our general manager to cover his (and my) shifts at work.
I have lined up help to shuttle the little one around for the homecoming parade, visits to friends houses, practices, and meals.
I have shipped the puppies to grandmas so they can go freely out the doggie door.
I have lined up people to take my band booster position.
I have cancelled an orthodontist retainer check-up, given up a coveted hair color appt. (waiting for another cancellation but so far, I have to wait til November), cancelled the refinance appraisal.
I have let the house go. I don't look so good myself.
No cleaning, no groceries, no organizing, no fall decorating.
I have stayed on top of laundry though.

There you are.

Oh, and my husband is alive.

All the other stuff doesn't matter in the grand scheme.
Thanks for the prayers, pass them along, keep them coming.


  1. It has got to be the hardest thing watching someone you love get sick, and you can't do too much for them. I went through this 3 weeks ago when Matt had a massive heart attack.

    You are doing a wonderful job and thank you for the update.

  2. I'm keeping those prayers coming hun. Wish I lived closer so I could provide some physical/moral support.

    It is amazing how much damage one tick bite can do! I'd be saying bullshit too.

    Hang in there.

  3. constantly praying and thinking of you. can i send you anything? books, mags, candy?

  4. hugs to you; you are doing the right thing, your priority is being there for hubby and helping him as you can and also helping with your family as much as possible. I am glad you have a good support system there to help with the dogs, transporting your little one, managing the restaurant, etc. Not that I am a doctor (but play one on TV, sorry that is poor attempt at a joke) I never heard of this particular illness. But I am glad that there is a diagnosis, I am glad he is making progress, albeit it slow. Praying for his complete recovery and your sanity through it all with everything on your plate. I'm also thinking after he recovers and is back to good health, he is going to need to write down some things or explain some things about finances with you to help you figure out things just in case. Good wakeup call for me since I'm the one that does that stuff here

    hugs to you. I really wish I could come there and help with anything you needed done.


  5. I'm keeping you and your family in my thoughts. Hang in there.

    We're painting our garage, and I'm pretty sure Duran Duran was probably playing when it was painted last.

  6. Ok, so we were totally watching the same tv programs today!!
    I'm thinking of you all and praying for you, it is overwhelming I'm sure! Hang in there and make Mel clean your house- if I was closer I'd help cause I'm a weirdo that loves to clean house!!

  7. Many, many prayers coming your way!!!

    And you are right. Mr. Funny is ALIVE. That is all that matters. The rest will work itself out.

  8. I hopped over from Mel's blog to wish you and your family a quick recovery. What an awful illness. You are doing everything you can to keep things moving along but remember you need a rest from time to time, too.


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