Sunday, October 24, 2010

As usual, the weekend has just flown by.
Friday night was the last (I thought) stupid, stupid and also stupid football game which meant the final concession stand as well and it could not come any sooner because you what my unpaid, volunteer, 2nd vice president job does?
It sucks.
Our lazy, know it all president has made it so difficult to do anything and I am glad I resigned for next year instead of moving up to 1st vice president.
I have enjoyed watching the kids at festivals, meeting new people and keeping busy but when we have to deal with the ever difficult sports booster club, an old dilapidated concession building and board members who only think of themselves, it makes the job just suck.

Our team ended up 9 and 0 which means we are still undefeated and now are going to the playoffs.
The next game will be on a Saturday which I will miss because I am busy that day.
I have to remain on the board til June though and I will continue to work hard with fundraising but I am going to avoid the 3 hour board meetings where the president talks in circles and gets nothing done and then he takes all of the credit when C and I and our crew work our hineys off.
I want to tell him what I really think of him but as my hubby has said, everyone can see what and who he is and that is enough.

Moving on.
Last night, I thought we needed some family fun times so we made an impromptu trip to a corn maze/pumpkin patch.
We always used to go when the boys were little and I don't think I can remember the last time we went.
The little one did not want to go which he mentioned about 6,532 times before I said to get in the car and shush.

It had been raining on and off all day and when I called (the place is about 30 min. away) the owner said the rain had stopped so we grabbed our hooded jackets and crossed our fingers.
It was an amazing place, tons of mums and many varieties of pumpkins and gourds and food.
We picked out our plants and such and had a hot dog and a soda before we walked a half mile to the corn maze in the dark. Yes, it was dark by then.
We had our flashlights and by the time we got to the maze, I was pooped.
Then we got our map and began our journey.
The it started to sprinkle so we put up our hoods.
And then it rained. And got muddy.
And we were stuck in the middle of the stupid maze.
And I was cold and wet and crabby.

The rules were: no swearing, alcohol, smoking, running, picking corn, cutting through the stalks and jumping out at people.
I broke rule number one, no swearing, right away.
We all broke rule number six when we cut through the maze to get the crap out of there.
The fronts of our jeans were soaked as were my bangs and our shoes and jackets.

No kidding.....
By the time we made it out, it had stopped raining and the tractor was coming to pick up a load of church kids so we hopped aboard a hay bale filled trailer and listened to the teenagers sing.

Here we go.......
Here is the tractor, pulling us along
We are having fun, I promise

In the end, the little one had a great time and on the way out, as were paying for our things, the owner of the farm remembered me from the restaurant (she had come in a month ago to drop off some flyers to put at the host stand) and we made some new friends.
Since we had our band jackets on, they asked the little one all about the marching band and were impressed at how well our school band and football team has done this year.
Since we were too wet to go into the city for dinner, we went back to town and ate at our usual Saturday night spot.

I will post a pic of my purchases at a later time because I need to get some straw bales for the porch.

Today, after work, my husband picked me up and we drove to the lake to do some shopping for him (jeans) and have some dinner.
We went to our favorite place, had a great dinner and stopped at Pier One to look for a buffet.
I found one I love but I am going to think about it.
Ok, i thought about it and I think I want it.
now I have to convince my husband that we must have it.

Here is a little story for you.
We have one of those huge bubble gum machines at work, got it at Sam's for like $600 bucks a while back. We buy the giant gumballs in cases every few months and it seems to be a big hit.
Every month or so, Mr. Funny empties the quarters out and puts them in a pickle bucket.
Not really knowing what we would use the quarters for, (my sister refused to accept them as payment for the Honda we bought from her for the little one a few months ago) we just kept adding to the bucket. And then another bucket.
For fun tonight, we decided to count the quarters and figured out that we had around $1,700 worth.

And that, my dear friends is how I am getting the new, expensive mattress tomorrow.
And hopefully the buffet.


  1. what a great way to get the mattress and hopefully the buffet!! cool!! those mazes always look like so much fun until you enter them.....and then.......but all in all, it sounded like a fun time for you all!


  2. This weekend did go by fast! I'm not ready for the week to begin.

    I really like that buffet! You really need that!

  3. Good for you! That bubble gum machine has really paid for itself.

    We have not gotten enough rain here to settle the dust on the road. The corn maze sounds like a blast, but not in the rain... I think I'm getting old.

    It is a shame that the uppety ups in organizations such as the band boosters run off all of their valuable volunteers by being aholes.


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