Monday, October 4, 2010


Everything is back to how it is supposed to be.

My husband is home, my house is a mess, I have laundry piled up and there is no food in this place.

My sisters arrived Friday.
We were still at the hospital waiting to see if going home was in the plan.
The doctors failed to communicate with each other so we had to wait til later that evening to leave.
During the waiting period, we shopped in the gift shop for Halloween decor, drank coffee and took walks.
We also stood outside watching people get into their cars with their newborn babies.
Not one person offered to give us one. Very sad.

We took my husband home, made him some soup, set him up on the sofa and went to have dinner while we waited for the little one to finish watching the football game.
We won the homecoming game, still undefeated.

Saturday we got up, dropped the little one at the high school (he had an all day music festival) and spent a little time enjoying pastries and coffee before we got to work on the house.
We did some cleaning, put out the Halloween decor and re-set my dining room table for Halloween.
I am still not quite happy with the results but I have a few more ideas up my sleeve.

Saturday night we went to the marching festival finals which started at 7:30 but we didn't perform til 9:45 so we went to dinner at TGI Fridays and did some shopping at Pier 1 and Target to kill time.
our band came in 2nd place overall out of 30 or so bands so we are really proud of them!

Sunday, I went to work and Mel stayed at home to do some lesson planning for her class so I took my sister, D with me.
She had a lot of fun and I enjoyed seeing everyone again since I haven't been at work for over a week.
Everyone was really missing my husband as well and there were many people praying for him while he was sick.

It is going to be a slow road, I know, getting him back to his normal self.
He has been very tired, very quiet and is getting bored with the staying home situation.

I am really thankful that my sisters were able to drop everything in their crazy lives and come to help me out.
I am thankful for the prayers and kind words from people all over the country.
And I am extra thankful that my husband is home, alive and healing more every day.
He is very lucky.
I am even luckier.

We have a busy week ahead of us.
Groceries, laundry, decorating, football games, doctors appts. and back to work for me.
Just as it should be.


  1. You've had your hands full. Remember to take a deep breath, every now and then. You need to take care of you, too. Here's hoping your hubby's recovery process speeds up and that he's feeling more like his old self soon.

  2. I clearly missed whatever happened so I'm going to backtrack now and find out. It must have happened while I was off the blog for a few weeks.

    However, I am very, very happy he is home and healing!

  3. thank the heavens things are sorta back to normal. man oh man!

    you need anything?????

  4. So, soooo glad your Hubby is home...even though all is not truly back to normal, yet. Also glad you're remembering to take care of yourself as you're taking care of your hubby. Still sending up prayers for all of you....

  5. I'm thankful to God for your husband's recovery; I'm glad hubby is back at home and things are slowly but surely returning to normal. I'm sure hubby is just overwhelmed with it all and still not feeling up to par, perhaps that is why he is so quiet? So thankful your sisters were there to help you both physically with work as well as emotionally with spending time with you and doing some fun things. congrats to little one's band on 2nd place and on the undefeated football team's record! like another commenter said, do allow yourself to breathe every once in awhile


  6. Yea! I've been hoping to see a home again post. I suspect, though, that it will be awhile before things are actually back to normal.

  7. Normal is as Normal does. Or something like that. Your "normal" always makes me dizzy! Haha
    Glad to hear you're heading in the right direction anyway. :)

  8. Glad to hear your hubby is home and on the mend!

  9. So glad he is HOME!! Maybe you could have him take pictures of your halloween decor?? :)
    Hang in there!!
    PS- my work verification is: resto- I think that is Italian for: hubbie staying down on the couch!


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