Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Monday!!
I have been doing some laundry, sipping my coffee (House Blend from Starbucks- bought it at Target) catching up on blogs, answering e-mails and planning my week after a beautiful 8 hours of Advil pm-less sleep.

There was no early band so the little one stays Sunday nights with Grandma because she works Mondays at the restaurant and drops him off on her way, which means I do not have to get up at 5:30 and I do not have to set the alarm.

Saturday was the last band festival so we were up at 4am and on our way.
My hair still looked good so I didn't wash it and the curls were still fabulous!
It was a chilly morning but the day turned out gorgeous.
We stopped to feed them breakfast at a rest stop at 7am. We pulled in sideways (we were pulling the trailer full of food and supplies) and took up a few parking spots and got a little too close to another car while trying to park (he could still get out though) and when C's husband asked the guy if he was too close, the guy was hateful and said "yeah!!!" real sarcastically and then got in the car and ranted and raved and shook his head at our idiocy and backed up just fine while his entire family turned around and glared at us the entire time.
Since his window was down, I yelled "God loves you, have a great day!" and then as he was pulling away, I waved and blew kisses. The family just stared at me with their mouths open.
I refrained from my usual "drive fast- take chances!" shout when people are nasty in parking lots or highways.
Because I am mature that way.

Seriously, it is 7am and we are going on a band trip, do you have to be an assface?

So, we came in first place in the parade (always do) and 2nd place in the prelims and finals for marching because only 9 bands showed up this year when there are usually 30 bands and we had to compete against a band twice our size and normally in a different class than us so we lost to them in the marching but got the Sweepstakes Grand prize (parade points plus marching points combined) in the end.

The best part of the day was when we were at the park making lunch and there was a golf course next door and the golfers kept yelling "fore!" or "four!" so every once in a while I would yell "four!" and sometimes "six" and irritate the crap out of C (the other vice president with me), who was strung a little tight and in a constant tither about the bands president who was pissy because we were serving taco salads/nachos instead of pulled pork sandwiches.
Seriously people, he walked around bitching about pulled pork all day long to anyone that would listen.
We had taken a vote and our kids did not want pulled pork.
Then his silly wife had brought cake for all the kids but on one of the cakes, she had happy birthday written to 2 of the colorguard girls and their names and there were 4 other kids with birthdays so we thought that was a tad rude and convieniently "forgot" to serve the cake at lunch. (we served it at dinner)
So between the cake and the pork, C was losing her religion all day but I had a great time, relaxed and laughing and enjoying all the turmoil because C and the president do not get along and he is the laziest man on the planet, does nothing in his position, and always tries to tell us how to do our jobs but we always ignore him.
And when we left the park for the stadium, I rolled down my window and yelled "four" at everyone I saw.
I don't know why I thought it was so funny.

We got home late and tired and I went straight to bed (but first, I sent a golf ball picture text to C) and worked all day yesterday just waiting til I could get home to nap.
I took a nap and Mr. Funny burned some leaves and put yard furniture away and ended up with a headache because he overdid it so today he is going to chill out a bit more.

I am really excited because my salon is running a half price special on Aveda facials this week and I am getting one Thursday! Have not had one for years!!

I got a new color for my toes. Commander in Chic.
It is the color of hot chocolate. I might even paint my fingernails as well.
I am still looking for a buffet/sideboard for the dining room.
We also found a new mattress for our bed. It is $1,500.
Do you think that is too much for a mattress? My husband does but I say no because you spend a lot of time sleeping (well. I do) and life is too short to sleep on a crappy mattress.
Anyway, he said he would sleep on the mattress decision and decide later.
I also found some other furniture I must have but I want to look at a few more places for a sideboard.

I invited everybody to my house for Thanksgiving this year again.
Hope they can make it!

Have a great week.
We have one more home football game and if we win we go to the playoffs and have a few more but I am so glad that marching/concession season is almost over!!!!


  1. You're lucky the guy didn't pull out a gun and shoot you! You can't trust anybody!

  2. People are crazy. And what's the deal with being uptight over unimportant things? Four!

    Oh, and your hair looked great. Isn't it a shame we can't get those results on our own?

    We went Northwest for our vacation. One of these days, though, we will head your direction!

  3. congrats on the awards at the band competition!! sure, we'll be over for Thanksgiving! (didn't I say that last year, and I didn't make it, how rude of me :)

    love your sense of humor with yelling "six" instead of "fore" all the time. Some people just don't know how to relax, glad you are one that enjoys having fun!

    I don't think $1500 is too much for a mattress if it is what you want. A good night's sleep is so worth it to be comfortable etc.

    How sweet to have grandma take Little One to school on Monday! (bet you schedule her like that :)

    (just kidding :)


  4. "sleep on the mattress decision..." hee hee!

    I almost bought that nail polish myself, but didn't. Hmmm...

  5. I think that's a reasonable price for a good well built mattress. You should be able to get 10-12 years plus out of that.

    Love the hot chocolate color for your nails and enjoy your salon pampering!

  6. I feel it is my duty to tell all of your readers that your "a little close" parking actually means that you were three inches from the next car. I also must add that you are a textbook Suburban driver, and you know how I feel about those. I appreciate the "God loves you!" shout-out just to even things out a bit.


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