Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Here I Am, The One That You Love, Asking For Another Day

My husband asks me periodically when am I going to write a real blog, not pics or funny stories, so here I am with a lot to say and not wanting to ramble.

Where to start?

Before my husband got sick, we were getting ready to have the house appraised for refinancing.
we got most of it done (except the garage) and then he got a headache and a fever and almost died.

Things are getting back to normal.

We got the house appraised, I cleaned it from top to bottom, got out my fall decor (still working on it), finished the laundry, got groceries, caught up on a million phone calls and thank you's to people who have picked up my slack and prayed for us since the 10 day hospital stay, caught up with all the messages and notes at work, got thank you gifts for some extra hard working employees, caught up with my youngest who was feeling neglected, reconnected with my oldest, babied my husband (to his utter dismay), bought a 4 foot Christmas tree for my bedroom and as many black and white ornaments as I could find, bought my nephew a birthday gift, hired a lawyer and went with my oldest to court ( BAD traffic violation over the summer) and spent some time explaining community service and probation (which he is on), got the dogs de-flea-ed and de-wormed, got my car detailed, got the house sprayed for any and all bugs- especially those rat bastard ticks), licensed the cars, paid some bills, spread half of the leftover mulch, cleaned out the flower beds, got caught up on sleep (is that ever really possible?) and cleaned out my closet.

Then I sat down with a piece of paper and made a list.

I need to: get my hair cut (Friday) and highlighted (November, unless she has a cancellation- God willing), get some fall clothing (what DID I wear last year? I hate all of it), make Thanksgiving plans, get the dogs groomed, shampoo the carpets (yeek), put away the lawn furniture and the flower pots, clean the house again, get a manicure, buy a new matress (we have had ours a year and it is killing my back), find a sideboard/buffet for the dining room, catch up on many, many, many shows, refinish a dresser, and clean the garage.

This weekend is the last band festival.
I have to be at the school at 5am (kill me now) and the day will end around midnight.
Next weekend I am going to Tulsa to my nephews birthday celebration.

Yesterday, I ordered these from UGG:
Love them.

What singing group does the title come from????

Mel, I know you know it so shhhhhhhhh.


  1. I don't think you have enough to do!
    I need to get some new fall clothes, too. I am getting my hair cut and colored friday, though.

    I can sing the song, but I can't remember who sings it???

  2. oh my gosh, I can so relate to probation and community service, but we call it work program here. hoping Big One will get it and not do this particular traffic violation again. It seems like you are so incredibly busy, do make sure you take time for yourself and that you get your rest!!


  3. whoa, that's quite the list!! hate all my clothes too, hope by wearing the same shirt every day the Mr. will beg me to go get a whole new wardrobe!!
    REO Speedwagon? did i win a pair of those shoes? haha!

  4. Air Supply :-)

    We went shopping at the Osage Beach Outlet yesterday. Hubby got lots of thinigs. I had a rotten ear ache and didn't do nearly as good. I just wanted to curl up somewhere.

    Glad to see your life is sort of maybe gettig back to normal.

  5. Oooo, I find myself doing that every season. Asking myself...what the heck was it I wore last fall/winter/spring/summer...

    Wasn't that an Air Supply song? Can't remember the name.

  6. I know! I know! It's Air Supply!

    Hey, I keep meaning to "tell" you, my new job means I will be once again traveling to your area a few times a year. Maybe I can stop in your restaurant for lunch or dinner!

  7. It's Air Supply!! And I still have the cassette!! And no cassette player! When you come to Tulsa, I would really love to meet for lunch or something. You can email me at -- and I'll give you my phone # --- Signed, Your old band camp buddy/7th grade best friend (at least, I think it was 7th grade..memory's not what it used to be)/former victim of Ed the bw/that chick formerly known as Chrissy.


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