Friday, October 22, 2010

I have been cleaning this place all morning so I am taking a break to tell you about my fabulous facial yesterday.

But first:
First thing yesterday, we headed out of town to pick up my husbands new (to him) car.
Oh, how he adores this car.
If money was not an object, he would have bought the Rousch
It is an 07 but only has 3,700 miles on it. The previous owner bought it new and parked it in his garage til he decided to buy a GT 500.
He spotted it on the lot Monday when we were in the city and fell in love.
He asked me if he could have it and since I think he deserves it and he almost died, how could I deny him some happiness?
So here is a shot of it still at the dealership.

It is a Shelby GT

The inside looks like a race car.  I have never been in a race car so I will take his word for it.  The gear shift is white.

It even has Carroll Shelby's signature. Thrilling, eh?

Ok, I have never had a facial so it was a big treat for me.
First she removed my makeup
Then she used the purifying creme cleanser.
Then a hot towel on my face and neck while she massaged my hands and arms.

Then she painted on this intensive hydrating masque with a small paint brush.
She massaged it in well, wiped it off.
She misted my face and neck with a toner and applied tourmaline radiance fluid, more hot towels, some steam and moisturizer and I was done.

Sadly, the hot towels left my hair sticking straight out and fuzzy so I had to run home and flatiron and apply a little makeup before the game but my skin has never felt better and it looks luminous. Totally worth it!!

The little one was out of school today so he had a couple of friends spend the night. I just ordered them pizza and I am sure they will stay in the basement until they have to go to the school for the last game tonight.


  1. Oh my that is some car! My hubby actually met Carroll Shelby. You would have thought he won the lottery. Ha.
    Thats what life is for, right?! Live it to the fullest!
    Oh and I'm glad your facial was good too :)

  2. I can't believe it is the last game already! it just seems like it was the first game! love that car!! beautiful! I bet your husband will enjoy driving that around the town :)

    the facial sounds divine! sounds like just what you needed!

    (got your package today; going to open it after hubby gets home, thanks!!!)

    have a delightful weekend!


  3. I have never had a facial either, but it sounds wonderful!

  4. Boys and their toys. Jim would totally flip if he saw that car going down the road - much less if he owned one!

    I've never had a facial - now you've made me want one. Shame on you! Glad you indulged and enjoyed it. Hope you have fun with sis.


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