Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Pumpkin Patch Photos

Windy!  I love the crow. And my hair never looked better. Do you think it looks like rain?

Was he high-fiving the scarecrow? The little one looks giddy with anticipation. Aren't teenagers fun?

I am having my new mattress set, sideboard and small side table delivered today.

I am so excited to sleep on that mattress.
Since we spend half (or is it a third?) of our lives sleeping, it is totally worth the cost.
Truthfully, if you count my naps, I sleep more than the average bear. Ha! Get it? Bears hibernate.

I will post pics soon.

I am hosting Thanksgiving at our home again.
Call me insane but I love it!!
I love for us all to be under one roof, telling stories and laughing and just being together.
And sipping wine, Goose & tonics, eating cheeseball and Triscuits.
Usually by dinnertime, we are all pretty schnockered worn out from all the fun. Ha!

The guys just delivered my things.

I love how the sideboard looks like an antique yet still goes well with my table and china cabinet. I plan to store all of my extra holiday dishes in here.

Small side table for the living room.
I just adore my bed, don't you just want to take a nap.......?
The pillow top is the softest material ever. I hate to cover it with sheets.

The detailing is amazing. How excited do I get about a mattress?

You'd think I normally sleep on a bed of nails!

It is supposed to get cold here later this week.
We had 2 loads (a cord? a rick?) of wood delivered Saturday.
I am really enjoying fall so far this year, not sure why.
I found a couple more sweaters the other day, one is a purple cardigan from Gap. I got a purplish cardigan from Target and got so many compliments on the color that I had to get another.
I love those lightweight cardis with the jeweled or pearl buttons to wear with ruffled tanks and dressy tops underneath.  I think I have about 15 of them in various styles and colors.
Somebody stop me. No don't.

I am going to go make my bed now and test it out.


  1. That bed. That table! Ooh lala! I love your new furnishings!

  2. I love everythng! It looks very nice, but I thought that was a buffet??? Shows you what I know about furniture!

    I'm glad I never acted like that as a teenager! ;) My parents might say different, but what did they know????

  3. that bed looks very comfy! you look great in the picture at the pumpkin patch!! love the hair! teens!! I'm so glad I'm through that age, LOL!

    I think having Thanksgiving at your house is a great thing! my family is all scattered so I "envy" you for having your "people" there with you; enjoy and just have fun!


  4. You are too cute. Teenagers can be trying, but at least little one was there with you.
    That sideboard is awesome. If I had the space, I'd want one just like it. But then I'd have to refurnish my entire house because I don't think it would go very well with all of my antiques.

    There is nothing like a good mattress. Enjoy!


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