Wednesday, October 20, 2010

sometimes i wish there were more hours in the day, at least more hours that i wasn't tired.

i just have a few things i want to get finished before i leave for tulsa on saturday and i have zero energy for them.

i forgot to mention that we saw a great movie last week.
i loved every one of katherine's outfits and the house was to die for!

all the important qualities in a movie.
anyway, we had a great time and it seems that since my husband's illness, i really appreciate him and love him even more.

it just seems like life is so short and precious and if you waste your time worrying about the stupid things, it passes you by.

i never really thought about what it would be like without him in my world because he has been here with me since i was 19 but then in the hospital, i was watching his heart monitor and blood pressure and the medicine they were giving him to keep his heart rate regulated wasn't helping much and his pressure was so low and then high and his liver enzymes were dangerously high and platelets were low and it hit me at 3am:
i could lose him tonight, tomorrow or this week and i begged God to spare him and please let me have more time because we had many more years of living ahead of us.

i kept hearing about the many prayer chains all over the world (we even had people in Egypt, and the Holy Land praying for him according to some of our customers!) and now he is getting back to where he was before. amazing!!!
i still see the dark circles under his eyes and how much energy it takes him to climb the stairs at the end of the day and how he cannot quite do the yard work and burn the leaves and run the business how he has been doing but that will take time.
they say it will be 3 months before he is back to normal.
again, thank you all for the well wishes and the prayers and the love you sent to us during this time.
i will never forget this ordeal, as long as i live.

i was so excited monday when the ups guy delivered my new ugg sneakers but then i tried them on and they were a bit snug and i decided that i didn't love the fabric so i sent them back and decided on the suede ones instead. in a camel color and in a size larger.

on monday, we went to the city to run some errands.
whilst driving to and fro, my hubby spotted a few snazzy mustangs on the ford lot and immediately stopped in to test drive them.
long story short, he found his dream (affordable dream, that is) car and is trading his tahoe (he "isn't a tahoe kind of guy") for a mustang shelby gt tomorrow.
i don't care for muscle cars or cars in general but he is happy and if he is happy, then i am too.

target had their button up cardis for $15 so i picked up a few for work.

i had to reschedule my facial for later tomorrow but i am really looking forward to an hour of pampering!

i bought a curling iron monday and had zero luck achieving the curl that Ali did for me the other day but i am going to get some confixor tomorrow and try, try again.

i am happy to say there are only 2 more nights of working concessions and then i am done.
i would love to say that i had fun but that would be a lie.
i long for the long, winters nights of nothing to do and having a clean house and no dirty laundry.
it will happen.

the little one and i worked on his science homework last night, had dinner and went to bed exhausted without any time for fun.

tomorrow i am picking up the kid with a couple of his friends and they are going to their favorite burger place with g-ma (that is what we call grandma) while i work the football game and then there is no school on friday so we have the entire day to be lazy until the final game that night.

saturday i am going (alone) to see my sisters for some long overdue girl time.


  1. I really want to see this movie and am glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  2. they always talk about experiencing a life changing experience - and you definitely experienced it. You are very lucky to have such a wonderful family - treasure each moment. You deserve it.

    I cannot live without my confixor. Aveda has another product called Be Curly that I use - but I'm like you, I cannot duplicate the results Alicia comes up with.

    Have fun with your sis. You deserve a bit of R & R.

  3. Whew. Even when you're "not busy" you're busy. :)

    I guess we all take our lives for granted unless and until (lawyer talk) something happens to bring it all home. It's a good lesson, even if it was scary at the time.

    Have fun with your sisters, you deserve it!

  4. I want to see that movie. I forgot it had come out. Maybe I will make my guy take me to see it this weekend between huntin' and birthday parties.

    I'm glad everything is better with your hubby! We all tend to worry about the small stuff and forget to cherish the time we have with family and friends.

    Is he having a midlife crisis??? My 67 year old dad bought a mustang 3 years ago. You should see him get out of it while holding onto his walker!!

    I bought a new curling iron, too, and I'm getting ready to try it out. We can never do the same thing our stylist do. Thank God mine is my sister, and I can just go to her house and make her do it!

    Enjoy your pampering time tomorrow,and have fun with the girls.

  5. I heard that movie was good, definitely want to see it soon! enjoy your time with your sister, I know the break will be a good one!

    too funny about your husband and the car, but it sounds like a great one!

    I am glad he is doing better but I'm sure it will take time for him to totally gain back his strength to where he was before

    you are so right, life is so short and precious, we need to be grateful to God for each day we have and that our loved ones are with us to share life with


  6. I can't wait to see the movie as well. I love both actors.

    And I'm sorry to hear that about your husbands illness. Treasure all the moments they say...good and bad right!

    I was at TARGET too and guess what?? Had 2 cardi's in my hand for work as well but put them back.


  7. Want to see the movie.
    Love the new shoes.
    Enjoy your facial. You are so busy!! Once you manage the curls, I am going to need a tutorial!!

  8. I absolutely love your transition from talking about your love for your spouse and how much all that has changed to perspective, to talking about UGG shoes. So very you! Ha!

    Can't wait to see you and have some grape fizz tinis!

  9. i got one of those $15 cardi's too (the black/grey/purple argyle). Oh boy- only you would think that about my PEPPER SPRAY! i LOL'd on that one!
    Glad your hub is feeling better!!!!!!!!!!


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