Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tale of Two Doctors

Mr. Funny had a doctors appointment early today.
This doctor is the most wonderful being.
He was the one who came into my husbands room right after the horrible, rude doctor was told by myself and my MIL that we wanted another opinion and that he was free to go.  Far away.
He was the one that came in and gave us all the answers we were desperate for.
He transferred us to the hospital in the city where the infectious disease and cardiac specialists were.

He gave a crap about us, our many questions and fears and treated us like humans instead of cases.
My MIL knew many people who had him for a doctor and loved him.

We were told that my husband should be getting a yearly physical and that we needed a primary care physician.
Find a doctor, they said.
We want HIM to be our doctor, said we.
Hahahahahahahahahahahah, that will never happen, said they. He is not accepting new patients. He is one of the best doctors around here. Good Luck to you and your lofty wishes.

At that point, we decided to accept the challenge.
He will be ours!!!

After my husband got out of the hospital, he had his final appt. with the infectious disease specialist, Dr. H (another doll of a man, I will say) and he was given a clean bill (ha! oh, the bills) of health and told to see his regular doctor.
We have no such thing, said I. But we know who we want. He is full, booked, busy as a one-armed hairdresser.
Sometimes, he said, when people are nice, they can get appointments with doctors who are seemingly full. There is room for new patients if the timing is right and the need is great and the patient is kind. There are some assholes (his word) who don't deserve to be seen, others are able to find a way in. Persistence. I will send his records to this doctor with an e-mail asking him to please accept you, said Dr. H

Two weeks ago we called Dr. A to make an appt.
They said they would check his schedule and call us back. A week later, still no call so I called back again.
Pushy? said my husband.
Did you just meet me? Are you new here?? I answered.
We shall call you back, said they.
They did.
Today was the appt.

He sat down with us, asked about our jobs, health, commented on how many of his patients enjoy our restaurant- especially after fasting for blood tests, he filled us in on the tumor in my husbands liver (a hemangioma) and the stones in his gallbladder. He wasn't concerned.
He took the time to answer every single question, I had a few.
He told us that he likes to bow hunt. He told us that he likes to eat healthfully and exercise often.
He told us that the human brain is mostly liquid and a high fever can literally cook the brain.
(He compared the brain to an egg.) He said a low grade fever helps fight infection. A super high fever will cause a stroke, seizures, brain damage, death. He put us at ease.

Then he said to make another appt. for some blood tests and a sonogram in January.
We shook hands, went to the desk to make another appt. and walked outside into the chilly air and warm sunshine.
We got in the car and I turned to my husband and said, He is ours!! We got him!!

And we danced around in our seats (or maybe it was just me) and our day was complete.

I think it is sad that there are so many awful doctors out there (we saw 4 the 3 days he was here in the ER and doctors office and hospital) and so few great ones in our small town.
Doctors who give you 2 minutes of time and send you home for an ear infection when other doctors know immediately what the real problem is. Ones who ignore and interrupt and speak down to you. Ones who guess at the symptoms instead of running tests.

The doctor that he saw today told us that if my husband would have walked into his office with the high fever and the crushing headache, he would have known it was either a brain tumor or Ehrlichiosis.
It was never an ear infection or a virus like the first doctor said.
It was never something "go home and drink some Gatorade and replenish your fluids" would have fixed, like the 2nd doctor said (and she even hinted that it was a tick borne illness but still wanted to send him home but then his fever went to 106.5 and she sent him to the ER for IV fluids.

So, that is the story of how my husband got himself a doctor.

Totally unrelated but lately, I have been craving Dr. Pepper, and I hate Dr. Pepper.

I had an accidental can of it when my hubby was in the hospital (I pushed the Coke button, threw the can in my purse, went up to the dark hospital room and drank it at 2am thinking it was an odd tasting Coke but so thirsty I didn't care, when I saw the DP can the next day in the light, I was totally freaked out) and now I cannot get enough of it.
I had a bottle of the original Dr. Pepper (called Heritage), made with sugar instead of corn syrup, last week and now I am hooked.
It is just like when I was a kid. We never got soda (caused cavities) so it was a big deal to get a Dr. Pepper.
If you like DP, go out and find some of this (I think Walmart has them by the case)


  1. I am so glad you got the doctor that is best for him. He's been through too much to not have the right one!

  2. YaY!!! for getting THE Doc you wanted! It makes a HUGE difference in your (hubby's) health care...I am soooo happy for you both!!

  3. Had to giggle at "have we just met? Are you new here?" I constantly say to R, "Have we met?! Hi, I'm Janet" when he says crazy things to me.

  4. good doctors are their weight in gold! I'm glad you guys were persistent to get this doctor!! He sounds wonderful. And I'm glad that your husband got a clean bill of health! sounds like he is definitely on the road to recovery!


  5. It will come as no surprise to you that you hit a home run with me with this post. Way to go. It really is true that niceness opens doors. I am so glad you were persistent and "he's yours!" The doctor you described sounds like my oncologist in Columbia. She treats me like a friend and totally knows her stuff.

    Glad hubby is doing so well and life is getting back on track.

  6. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy for the 3 of you!

  7. Your doctor fiascos remind me of dealing with that with Mom.

  8. So glad you found 'the one'. Seriously, like the others have commented....they make the difference and I wish there were more of them out there!!!



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