Friday, November 5, 2010


  • The little one went to his cousins for the night. I planned to clean this dump but ended up napping for 2 hours. Crap
  • my husband's computer is dead, or almost dead
  • I think I am going to blow off the Thanksgiving decor and go right into Christmas. Either way, I get tired just thinking about it. I am trying to remember the early years when we only had a tree and a sad wreath on the door.
  • I spent all week getting caught up on my silly shows. Desperate Housewives, Dexter, Life Unexpected, Big C, Weeds, Modern Family and Grey's Anatomy. I was a lazy mommy and a worse housekeeper.
  • my Ugg sneakers came today (the one's I exchanged) and they are perfect and fit great

  •  ditto for my apron from Etsy which came yesterday
  • if my camera battery wasn't dead, I would take a photo of both of them
  • I went through all of my winter and fall shirts and sweaters and made a throw pile. My save pile was very small. Time to shop. Again. (ha, just kidding honey......)
  • It is supposed to get down in the 20's for the lows next week. This is very bad news
  • the leaves are taking over the yard, Sunday will be the day for some serious yard work
  • I am seriously considering the purple streaks in my hair. You double dog darers (Stacey, Deanna, Betty and Carrie) are puttin' the heat on me (ha) I will probably chicken out but I am thinking about it
  • I will end this post with some sneakers I love.


tretorns (reminds me of high school- I had every color)


tretorn (love the purple)



gola (these look comfy and flirty)
love this new coach tote!!!
 Have a wonderful weekend!
I hope we all get a lot accomplished.


  1. You crack me up... and touch my heart.
    Thanks for the comment.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. loved all the shoes!! My advice, simplify the decorations. Put up what you want when you want it, no matter what anyone might "guilt" you about. Honestly, I wouldn't put up a tree (except I end up getting guilted about it, LOL).

    I think a day of non-productivity is a good day indeed! and catching up on favorite shoes is a good thing too!

    We had 100 degrees yesterday here and 90 today....go figure!!

    enjoy the weekend, raking leaves and all :)


  3. Cute shoes! I will send you my address for your throw pile! I could use some new clothes.

  4. I LOVE the Coach Tote! Too cute for words! And I wish I could wear converse sneaks...but I'm too damn short. I look like a dwarf when I wear flats of any sort.

    Um, not that there's anything wrong with being a dwarf...if you ARE a dwarf. But since I'm not, I look dumb. Yeah. That's what I meant.



  5. I love the purple tretorns and the green golas (or whatever they were called).

    I've learned to simplify my decorations. Anybody want to buy about 15 christmas village houses?

    I find that days of non productivity leads to days of productivity. So enjoy the down time. You deserve it!

  6. I didn't even know Uggs made sneakers! Those are so cute!

    I watched Grey's with my daughter and I haven't seen it since last year. I kept thinking when did McDreamy lose his dreamy?


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