Wednesday, November 10, 2010

hello all!
have you had a good week so far?
i am trying to get a few things done around here after getting home so late from work and then my hair appt.
yes, today was the day i got my color and cut at the aveda salon and it did not disappoint.

at my other salon, she always asked me what i wanted in detail and never really had the confidence to play around with it but today, J just told me she was going to make me very beautiful and happy (bless her heart- she had a mess to begin)

so here i am yesterday (webcam- bleh)

and today

she used 3 different colors, platinum, gold and dark blonde (which looks brown to me) and only did a tiny bit of it dark
kind of an illusion that you really don't notice and then you do and then you don't again
some on top, the sides and back
since i am still growing it out some, she trimmed a bit more and applied a gloss at the end

that is all i have the energy for tonight

here is some of my fall/thanksgiving decor


  1. love your hair and the colors she chose for highlights! looks great on you! and also love your decorations! looks festive over at your house!!


  2. Absolutely Beautiful

    Mr. F

  3. Gorgeous! Looks great! I like the decorations. I think we need to see a close up of that wedding picture.

  4. Ooooh, Very pretty. Love all the different colors.
    So... red/purple next time? ;)

    I thought you were skipping the Thanksgiving decor? Glad you didn't, it all looks great! Both pieces of furniture are a great place to display "stuff."

  5. What? No purple? Ha! I really like the blend of colors.

    Wish we could have hooked up on Thursday, but I guess it was not meant to be (this time).

    I even gave you the wrong cell number. Hubby ended up with the text from you! I'll get my act together next time.


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