Friday, November 12, 2010

Here was my hair the day I got it colored and cut.
She also did my makeup.

And here it is today.
I used the same exact products on my hair.
It looks blah.

So does my house, it needs a good cleaning tonight and tomorrow.

I made a Thanksgiving basket for one of our very needy employees.
I got her family a turkey and all of the side dishes and desserts so she can have a wonderful holiday.
It feels very good to be able to give, I cannot wait to deliver it to her later.

I sent my husband to the city to pick me up some things for Thanksgiving.
A large turkey roaster and a beverage dispenser from B B & Beyond along with some coupons.
I am going to make 2 different types of punch for the day.
One is frozen limeade, cherry 7up and a jar of marachino cherries (juice and cherries) and the other is Hawaiian Punch and Sprite.
Simple and good and the adults can add rum or vodka to theirs.

This is a great dispenser for holidays and parties

I am also making Pioneer Woman's mashed potatoes and French Silk pie.
I made the pots last year and they are so good, you can make them the day before and throw them in the oven on Thanksgiving.
I am excited to make the pie, it has chocolate curls on top and I have never made them before.
I am also making my favorite coconut cream pie, it is the best and easiest and it is no bake as well.

For breakfast the next day, I want to make cinnamon rolls and biscuits and gravy and I have a great recipe for cinnamon baked french toast that you can make ahead and bake the next day.

Yum! I am so hungry now.

Have a great weekend!
It is going to be cold and rainy here so you know I will hate it!!


  1. I think you looked wonderful in both pictures! Sounds like everyone who comes for Thanksgiving is going to be well fed at your home! Yummy indeed!! It is good to help out others, isn't it? I know your employee with welcome that basket you are making for them!!

    hoping you do have a good weekend despite the rain!! good time to get some cleaning done :)


  2. Thanks! I'm hungry now too! It all sounds good! Your hair looks good. You just need to straighten the bottom more. That's the only thing that looks different to me.

  3. funny, your house is gorgeous, as is your new hair the colors, i want to go blonde, i told my hunny that, he said he likes me better red. its more auburn. i think blondes have more fun...and also i think it would hide the gray better. uugghhhh...hate coloring....!

    all your decor....seems like so much work, i have one pumpkin! lol

    it would take you 3 days to do all that, no wonder you dread dragging it all out! i love decorating for Christmas though, my fave holiday.

    well, i have been more lazy....i haven't even updated me lil blog. ick, means i have to think. i will try.

    have a good weekend, pretend your house is clean, just goof off. you work too hard. makes me tired!

  4. I agree with Betty. Your hair looks great in both pictures.

    Thanks for the mashed potatoe recipe. I am definitely going to use it. With 20 people coming for Thanksgiving, I plan on doing as much as possible ahead of time.


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