Saturday, November 20, 2010

I have spent a lot of time obsessing over Thanksgiving so today, I am not going to do a thing.

I actually worked a couple of extra days this week including today during our town's Christmas parade.
It irks me that the Christmas parade is held before Thanksgiving and also that trash trucks and air conditioning/heating companies throw a giant bow on the front of their truck and call it a parade float. Stupid.
I call it the ghetto parade.
Anyway, before the parade we are insanely busy and then everyone leaves and then after, we get slammed again and
I am tired.

Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing my family and having a great meal together but the stress of preparing for it is just too much.
Case in point: (beware-TMI) I got a 2nd period this month, the other was 2 weeks ago.
I just though I was bloated from the mozzarella from the pizza I ate and then the cramps came and I thought I might have an undiscovered issue with dairy products and then BAM, there it was.
Like "ha ha, me again, I'm baaaack to make you suffer"
Is it stress? Cause I always have stress, I create it most of the time.
Early menopause? Possibly, I am almost 41, you know.
Am I dying? Maybe.

I have been taking long, hot baths every night and hitting the sack super early.
I can barely stay awake through Glee.

My husband got me a little something the other day.

An Apple tv.
I can watch tv or get Netflix on it.
I am going to put it in the bedroom so I can watch tv before I go to sleep.
Anything good come on at 7pm? ha

We are going through some big changes at work.
The restaurant we own is a franchise and we are very unhappy with the way things are going with corporate so we are getting out from under the franchise.
This may sound easy but in fact, it is very difficult.
Our attorney is helping with the legal aspect but there is much work involved.
We have to think of a new name, get a new LLC, change the building's appearance, get a new sign, new menus (removing their signature items), get out of the franchise agreement (the worst part and most expensive part) and do all of this without freaking out our employees and customers.
In the long run, this is a great business move.
We will not have to pay insane franchise fees, follow corporate's stupid rules, use a specific food company, use their menus, and worry about if the company itself will fall apart, as it appears to be doing.

Are you watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?
Kelsey Grammar's wife/ex wife is a lunatic.
Seriously, I just want to punch her in the stomach.
I cannot stop watching it.

I don't understand these people that say, "I am so excited that Prince William is getting married!!!"
All of the morning shows were talking about nothing else the other day and some of the blogs I read were gushing.
Sure, it is cool. I am happy for him, the ring is pretty, she is a doll, and hopefully he won't be an ass like his father.
Unless you get invited to the wedding, why is it that exciting?

I am excited that Starbucks has the peppermint mocha back, that my dog finally stopped licking his burned feet, that my son is doing well with his driving, that my husband is back to 100 %, that my sister has a new  boyfriend, that it is 70 degrees today and that long, bulky sweaters are back in style.
But being sad because Eva Longoria is getting divorced, thrilled over Prince William and Jessica Simpleton  getting hitched (not to eachother, fortunately) or over the moon that Pink and Mariah are pregnant?
And yes, I am a hypocrite because I do love me some People magazine but I read it and throw it away.
I don't recall have any physical emotions over it.

Not sure what the rest of the weekend will bring but I do know this.

The high temp for Thanksgiving is in the mid 30's.
I am not excited about that!

And here's something to ponder.
A couple has pitched a tent in front of Best Buy already so they can be the first ones in line for Black Friday.
This worries and saddens me to no end.
Are they gonna skip Thanksgiving dinner? Are they gonna eat it in the tent? Do they shower? Are they really that pathetic?
And more so: what the sam heck is gonna be on sale that is so exciting that you have to pitch a tent in front of a store? What if everyone did that?
Maybe someone should put their tent in front of that one.
There should be some sort of law for crazy Black Friday wackos.
Am I missing out on great things? I never ever go, mostly because there are people everywhere and I don't really like people all that much let alone people who are ramming carts into each other for a plasma tv's and even worse.

So here, I ask you people who seldom comment anymore.
Do you hunt through the ads and venture out at insane hours on Black Friday every year?
If so, why? How much do you actually save? Is it the thrill of the chase or financial necessity?
Tell, me please!!!!!


  1. I had my first peppermint mocha of the season this week. YUM!!!!

  2. I don't venture out on Black Friday. Of course I hardly buy anything for gifts these days so why bother? (and I do have to work that morning, so that takes care of that)

    I think it will be so neat to have your family together for Thankgsiving! Don't try to stress out too much about it. Just being together and enjoying each other's company and giving thanks is a good thing indeed! and you have lots to be thankful for this year with hubby's health returning, etc.

    Very interesting about the restaurant business. It will be good in the long run like you said. I did hear being part of any franchise has more downs than ups.


  3. I'm with you on the Black Friday thing. Never go. Don't see the draw. I absolutely HATE the crowds thing and pushy people. (I shop at Target at 8:00 am on a weekday to avoid crowds...haha) Do NOT GET the spending the night in a tent. =)

  4. No problems....Grandkids get gift of family gets homemade...if i have the time...!!


  5. That is pretty weird they would have the CHRISTmas parade before Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to the great meal, too!

    I don't go out on black friday ever! I would not want to put up with all that! I was wondering why Best Buy would let these people pitch a tent in front of their store?? Especially this soon!

    I'm not excited about Prince William getting married. He's not my prince. As for Charles, I think they need to skip over him and let Andrew become king.

    Good luck with the restaurant thing.

  6. You are a big fat liar. I know you were personally invested when Brad and Jen broke up. I don't care about any of the other ones you mentioned either, though.

    I don't give a rat's ass about Black Friday except that after the fact I always wish I hadn't gotten so hammered the night before that I couldn't get up early enough to get some type of sale stuff. But it's just B's money, anyway. Ha!

    You need to relax about Thursday. it will all be fun and good and you need not be Martha. Even she doesn't stress that much. I got the mixings for the grape fizz martini's, so get excited about that.

  7. You will NEVER find me in all the madness of black friday. Ugh. I can't imagine any amount of saved money being enough to make me participate.
    I can't believe all the Christmas parades, tree lightings, etc that are before Thanksgiving. It's very depressing.
    I actually helped decorate a 13K sq ft house this week for Christmas. The first day I was kind of excited and in the Christmas spirit. The second day I was thinking overkill and the third day I texted each of the kids and told them they would be lucky to have a tree up this year lol. I made a good amount of money but I think it kind of killed my Christmas spirit.

  8. Just wanted to say thank you for the sweet thoughts for Linus!



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