Thursday, November 4, 2010

The little one had a haircut appointment after school today.
The girls at our new salon think he is the cutest thing ever (so do I but I gave birth to him so of course I think he is the bees knees) and he loves the attention from the cutest girls ever.
They told him that he should be an Aveda ad model.

She wanted to know if he wanted a cool new cut or just a trim.
Maybe he wanted to grow it out a bit?
He wasn't sure, just something easy since he is NOT a morning person and a high maintenance hair style is not his thing.
He got a scalp massage, shampoo, and a deep conditioning treatment. (did I mention how much we adore the star treatment everyone gets at the new salon?)
She cut it normally and then styled it in a faux hawk.
There was a lot of blow drying, wax, paste, etc....and TA-DA!

Could he get any cuter???

iPhone picture, not the best.
I told him he could get up a little earlier tomorrow and we could fix it like this if he wanted to. Or maybe it wouldn't look exactly like this, you see, mommy isn't a morning person either.
It was fun for the day anyway.

I get my cut and color next week.
I cannot wait to see what she is going to do with the color.
One of the girls had a platinum bob with some purple strands mixed in.
It was so cool!


  1. I double dog dare you to get the purple streaks in your hair!!

  2. CUTE!
    i want to get some hot pink streaks... with hair i am never afraid- it does grow out!! wish i could go to your salon- I'm on the hunt for the right place that isn't an hour drive.

  3. LOL with what Stacey said; I'll triple dog dare you! the thing with hair you can always change it, its not permanent, like a tattoo. So go for unique and different!

    Little One absolutely looked stunning. Love his look in the second picture; he could be a model!


  4. He is pretty darn cute.

    I won't double dog dare youi to do the purple streaks because Stacey already did. I double double dog dare you!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. awww, what a cute "little one" you have. does he look like his brother? you should post one of them together. he will be breaking hearts all over pretty soon! lol

    another lazy day of doing not alot of anything. going through some pictures or organize them for scrapbooking. i litterally have trying to put some kind of order to them, uuuugghhh!

    one container done, 754,920 to go!

    have a wonderfully fun and restfull weekend!

  6. You know how I feel about purple in the hair! Yes, totally do it. I still love mine. So much so I'm getting it touched up next week. :)


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