Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Cyber Monday

I took advantage of Cyber Monday and did some serious Christmas shopping.
I hit Lands End the hardest since their sales were to die for (til midnight tonight) and I got free shipping, $50 off and lots of gifts for little money.

We have been using our new Apple tv with Netflix like crazy.
I have watched Paranormal Activity (scary!), Some Kind of Wonderful (oldie but a fave), When Harry Met Sally, About Last Night, Cold Case Files, The First 48, and a few others and the boys are watching Future Weapons right now.

It has gotten quite cold today and tomorrow the high is 30 so tonight we have our first fire of the season.

I managed to get all of the towels and sheets (6 loads) washed from the weekend (there were A LOT but I think there was a tent or 2 made in the basement which kept the kids happy so what's a lot little bit of Tide usage?)
I also caught up on the big one's laundry (2 loads) and the rest (4 loads)
Everything else is clean and organized so I plan to get things done this week.

I have to get some decorating done around here soon- maybe this week.
I am leaving you with a picture of my hostess gifts from my Thanksgiving dinner.

I love getting surprise gifts- makes all the intensive labor worth it.
I put the box of pine cone/woodsy stuff in a large vase yesterday and boy does it smell like Christmas!

My sister Mel got me the rooster- said I needed a big wooden cock.

I was so excited for Mel.
When she was here, we went to the outlet mall for a little retail therapy and she bought her first Coach bag. I had loaned her one of mine to use for awhile and she decided after years of making fun of my problem that she liked them as well.
I managed to get out of there without causing a divorce spending a dime.

Is anyone interested in doing a gift exchange?
It will be a $10-$15 gift and I will match you up with someone else.
If so, leave me a yes with your name in the comments- you have till Friday, and I will match you up on Saturday.
You can send the gift any time before Christmas and you have to send the other person one of your favorite things.
Come out of the cyber woodwork people, this is supposed to be fun!!!!

Have a great week!


  1. loved Mel's humor with the rooster. about the gift exchange, I have to send someone a favorite of mine? I go and buy something that is a favorite of mine or do I take something from my house that is a favorite of mine (can I ship Koda???)

    count me in for it if it is not too complicated for me to do; sounds fun

    always loved when kids got adventurous and made tents and forts, so it was a good thing indeed to wash a few extra loads :)


  2. There is nothing like your first Coach bag!

    I LOVE the big wooden cock and not just because it's a cock. My mother in law collects roosters, maybe I should get her one like this and tell her the same thing. It'd probably go over really well, especially since she's an uptight Pentecostal Christian. Come to think of it, maybe she DOES need some cock. Preferably big and really woody.


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