Monday, November 15, 2010


happy monday!

we have been very busy today and it is only noon.

This little boy had some foot trouble (he kept me up all night saturday with his lick, lick licking.....)

sad, pitiful baby dog

his paw pads and between his toes on his back feet were burned and the hair singed.
we figured out that he must have ran through the smoldering burn pile where we burned leaves last weekend and his back feet sunk to the bottom where the coals were still very hot.
we covered the pads in Neosporin and gauze and wrapped tape around them.
then we put some old socks on his feet and gave him a pain pill and something to relax him

we went to dinner and came home to a doggie with no wrapped feet and tape and gauze shredded all over. duh!

anyway, we took him to the vet early this morning and she gave him an antibiotic and some burn cream so he is on his way to healing

friday and saturday were spent cleaning, organizing kitchen cabinets and drawers, and making lists.
saturday night, the little one went christmas shopping in the city with his grandmother so we headed up to the lake for dinner and a movie.
after dinner (where i might have had a bit too much wine) we went to the coach store where i  found this
actually, my husband found it while i was looking at a plaid jacket but the one he picked out was black.
this one screamed my name. it is so soft and warm 
i also got a plaid scarf.


the fireplace guy was here earlier and he and my husband were talking about hunting after seeing my next door field dressing a deer in his back yard and the fireplace guy told us that deer meat is all he and his family eat all year long. They make steaks, ground meat, etc. and just mix the ground deer meat with 30 % beef.

it sounded so strange to me but around here, hunting is a way to feed your family, not just a sport.

i have a counter full of groceries to put away and i am cooking this and this tonight so i need to do some prep work

i hope i have better luck with finn tonight because he is a strong baby to wrestle with

have a great week!


  1. Dinner sounds delicious! I hope the puppy is feeling better! Great coat!

  2. poor dog!! I was wonderful how he would tolerate the socks, but as I read on, I found out he didn't really like them (LOL) Glad you guys saw the vet and he will be on the road to recovery soon! that was an adorable pink coat!! It does look great on you!!


  3. Poor Finn! Those crash hot potatoes look especially delicious. I'm going to have to start following Pioneer Woman's blog I do believe.

    Have a great day!

  4. Poor doggy! I hate deer meat! It's nasty!


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