Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Remember how I cyber shopped till I almost dropped last night?
This morning I got a phone call from the bank asking me to confirm that it was indeed ME that spent all that money in that short span of time.
That is how this girl rolls.
In my defense, I used an account that we barely use and I am glad the bank cares enough about me to call.
When I told the woman at the bank that it was Cyber Monday and I was Christmas shopping, she asked me if I got some great deals.
Uh, yeah.

In other non-exciting news.
My employees were cranky today.
Snippy and short and one in particular, who has a pathetic life (that she created), made sure to point out little things that I was doing wrong. I don't know why she has to be so condescending but she can just suck it.
Ok, I am done.
I did not let their negativity rub off on me though. I really want to snap back at them a lot but I have to be the bigger person (bleh) so I try to smile and move on.
I did make the snide comment to another server who thanked me for fixing something, "well, I CAN do something right after all".
Sometimes I feel like I don't quite belong and then I realize, "hey, I own this place and you can go at any time but I am stuck sticking around for the long haul.
Ok, I am done again.

I was watching a new talk show yesterday aptly titled The Talk.
Have you seen it?
Not too bad but Julie Chen was talking about having 59 people at her house last year for Thanksgiving and how crazy it was and then this year it was just her and her hubby and baby and how quiet it was and she wanted to extend the offer to the 59 people for next year.
Because we are crazy like that. All of us.

No matter how much our families can push our buttons and despite the number of times that homocide was diverted, we still want to be together.
My sister Mel and I were discussing this the other day how when we are in the midst of insanity (like say, on a girls trip to NYC for a certain person's 40th birthday) and it feels like a huge mistake at the time, you look back later and remember how fun it was despite the flare-ups and ugliness and vomit and standing in the blowing snow talking to your husband on your cell phone because if you stay in that tiny room one more minute someone is gonna go out that 30+ story window and it ain't gonna be pretty.
We recalled how a year ago, we were naively planning our soiree to the Big Apple and how nice it would be to get away again.
How soon we forget.
People have different personalities (some of us, including myself, have several) and when things get tricky, ie: icy temps, hangovers, rude cabbies, even ruder tourists who ram into you at Century 21 and never say excuse me, impromptu blizzards, different eating schedules, confined spaces and confusing subway maps, tempers flare.
In the grand scheme of things, we look back and kind of laugh and wish we could do it all again sort of.

And so we will.
On December 18th and 19th, we are going to Eureka Springs for a sister's weekend.
Call us crazy and wish us luck.
And pray there isn't a blizzard cause 2 days is our limit.
And if you are gonna be in ES at that time, just look for the 4 wild eyed super cute girls laughing and drinking coffee and looking for ghosts and bargains and probably freezing. (I will be the one in the hot pink coat)
Cause that is how easily we forget the bad times and move on.

And hopefully, the next time one of us turns 40 (MS???), we will be going somewhere together again. Maybe with our husbands, maybe not but hopefully together.
Mom would be proud. And probably worried.
And if she was still with us, she would totally be invited.
Knowing her, she would feign diarrhea and stay home, muttering something about "that hellish trip to Dallas' or "that journey to hell Mississippi" we all took.

Don't forget the gift exchange, if you are in, let me know by Friday and at that time I will match you up and give the silly rules.


  1. I love the idea of a sister weekend!! You galls have fun!!

  2. OMG love the decor! right down to the feast fit for a king (and his small kingdom!) you and your sisters are soooo pretty! some of you favor each other, even your brother, he kinda looks like you. it is so amazing to see how you get a blending of family traits. in ours, we have twins, my sister and my brother, but they don't look a thing alike. he and i look more like twins, and we are much closer than they are.

    well, i took pics but not as many as you. i might post them later. almost a week after the fact. talk about procrastination!

    and tell me more about this gift exchange, it sounds like fun.

    and i would give anything to take off with my 2 sissies. lol every time i go to where they live, life is soooo hectic and we are NEVER alone. it would do us good to get away. with hubbys and kids and pets!

    well, i have not updated my blog in a week or more. been a little under the weather. so maybe now i can try and update it. i hate being behind!!

    well have a good rest of the week. still working on thanksgiving leftovers? yeah, me too! lol

  3. I do remember you trip to New York last year! I can't believe it is that time of year already again! this year flew! I think having a sister getaway like that is fun! It is neat that you guys are close enough (not in distance, but in love) that you enjoy spending time together like that!! enjoy!


  4. I pretty much write off my family ever other week! Sisters weekend sounds like fun!

  5. I still shake my head and laugh at your NY trip. I'll let you in on a little secret. It is winter! Most people head to warmer climates... you know, like Florida, Alabama... But not you guys. Eureka Springs is going to be cold! You are going to have a great time. I can't wait to hear about your adventures.

    I hope you set your employees straight and that the whole getting out of the franchise thing is going well.

  6. You know what's weird? My bank will call my husband when he spends money, but not when I spend money, even though we have a joint account. I feel like I now need to curtail my online shopping so my bank won't judge me.

    I am so glad you commented on my blog, b/c you are cracking me up. I'm definitely a new follower!

  7. My husband's corporate card, the one we use for vacations and big purchases has great security. They call us about everything. If a charge shows up in a different state. If there is a sudden burst of spending. If a very large purchase is charged. It's a good thing because twice they've caught within 24 hours, thieves charging excessive amounts on the card. Cloning is the new thing. Something they don't even need the actual card to do. The virtual world is getting scary, these days.

    And we do a sisters weekend every year, too. It's always crazy, with a little bit of stress, but yes, the stress is forgotten much faster than the memories.


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