Monday, November 1, 2010

Sit down, have some coffee, this is a long winded post

Happy Monday!
I am doing a little laundry and planning a grocery trip today, we live BIG at the Funny house, do we not?

Saturday, we went to the city to watch the halftime show during the college football game.
My son was performing and we hadn't seen him march all season.
It was amazing. They did some Lady Gaga and you know I love me some Gaga.

Then we went to Sam's to get 284537585685854747 bags of Halloween candy to hand out at the restaurant.
Who is sick of candy? Is it me?
I totally picked all the Bottle Caps and fizzy Skittles out and then the Kit Kats and dark Milky Ways.
And I chased it with 2 vodka tonics last night, Ha!

At Sam's, I got a Keurig coffee maker and it fantasmic!!
It brews a single cup in 60 seconds and you can have any flavor you want.
It came with a bunch of flavors too plus I bought an extra case.
I am going to put it in my master bath for those early mornings....
I have wanted one for so long, it was worth the wait.

Then we took both boys to dinner at a great seafood restaurant.
We all enjoyed some sushi (usually the little one hates it) and I had this drink.
Yes, there is a gummy 'bloody nose' on a skewer in it

We had to get the big one back to campus early to study so we took the little one here.
We have been to the one in Tulsa and love it!!
My favorites are the cheesecake and the white chocolate with Swedish fish, chocolate chips, marachino cherries and gummi bears. Mr. Funny liked mixing the peanut butter and chocolate with some sprinkles and the little one liked the chocolate mixed with coffee flavored and chocolate chips added
It was packed at 9pm and it is totally worth it!!!
If you get a chance to go to one, try it.

Since my kids are too old and we get no trick or treaters at home, we spent the evening handing out candy at the restaurant.
The civic center and churches were putting on all kinds of activities so there was a ton of candy left.

I am so sad to put my decorations away but looking forward to the next 2 fabulous holidays!!!
I need to redo my dining room table for fall now.

I hate the cold but I am enjoying fall so far!
The leaves are beautiful this year!!

I need to work on my closet this week. Way too many sweaters that I never wear!
I also have winter tops, jeans and pants that need to move out!!! I meant to do this at the end of last season and put it off.

We already picked up our turkey.
Last Monday we took a trip out to the Amish community to see if anyone was taking orders and saw a sign right away that said Grass Fed Turkeys so we took this very bumpy gravel road (we were in the precious Mustang so you can imagine the pain on my husbands face....) and knocked on the door of the cutest little home and the girl who answered the door looked 12.
Anyway, she said the turkeys were getting too big so they slaughtered them early and we found the perfect one, a 25 pounder.
The big hurdle this year is going to be finding the Roka blue cheese spread for our cheeseball.
Since it wasn't being made anymore and then Kraft decided it was seasonal, it is a pain to find.
My mom's cheeseball is what the holidays are all about so wish me luck.

I ordered something from Etsy today (my first)
I always cook the holiday meals and bake in yoga pants or pj's and then scramble around trying to get pretty.
This way, I can start pretty and just powder my nose at dinner time.
Is it sad that I have never owned an apron??
Here is- her page it got all positive reviews and her work is beautiful and reasonably priced!

Last night after handing out candy, we came home and watched Date Night.

Oh, it was so funny!!!
They are the best comic pair.

Sorry if you dozed off with the looooong post but I will probably not have time to post much this week.
Have a wonderful week!!


  1. Cute apron! I have never owned one either.
    We actually ran out of candy this year. I turned the light off, and they still came to the door!

  2. Hey we watched Date Night also this weekend. Sooo funny!
    I did my closet today. Well, phase one anyway. Ha

  3. Ooooh, I got a Keurig a couple months ago and we LOVE it! It's perfect for making a single cup of coffee (for my Baileys & Coffee) when no one else is drinking coffee. No more wasted coffee 'cuz we never drink the entire pot. FYI: we found some different kinds of coffee at the Bed Bath & Beyond stores. =)

  4. Mmmm, that drink looks YUMMY! And Date Night is the funniest thing I've seen all year. Loved it!

    Hey, I tried to follow your blog and it says I'm blocked. Surely not... right?

  5. that is the cutest apron! Okay, remember I'm a city girl. Did you actually pick out your turkey? Like point to that one and say "that's the one that will be gracing my table on Thanksgiving Day" or did you just put in an order?

    Isn't that Keurig coffee the best?? except mine is under the weather but we won't talk about that since it is still under warranty :) You will enjoy it immensely and it does come in so many flavors and it is just the easiest to make!

    Yum on all the food! Glad you got to see Big One for a bit too and see him perform!

    Hoping you can find that cheese spread. I would think Thanksgiving should be a season they carry it. I saw eggnog in the store yesterday! A little too early for me, I like it around Thanksgiving through Christmas.

    always fun to clear out the closet and see what you have and what you can live without to "trim the herd" so to speak!

    hope it isn't too crazy of a week ahead so we can hear from you at least once or twice more :)


  6. Blogger is my mortal enemy! Now it says I already am following you - which is right and what I thought in the first place but when I tried it said BLOCKED.

  7. I have a senseo but want a Keurig cause it's newer and prettier, but is there really any other difference??...
    My parents live in IN right dab in the middle of tourist Amish country- I am not fond of their horse poop all over the roads (which splatters on your car & is like tar to remove...).
    I'm going to have to see that movie- I love Steve and loved him in DAN IN REAL LIFE!!!!!

  8. hey funny! thanks for the email, i just now opened it, duh! i only check it occasionally. i have 2.

    we already bought all our turkey stuffs too. and all the fixins for the extras. dont want to be in a bind when it comes to turkey day.

    we watched date night too this weekend, and loved it. also watched the back-up plan. another funny movie.

    and as far as cleaning out the closet? BLAH!!! i hate that job and usually procrastinate until i cant wait any longer. it is still warm here in NC. not even a chill. i love the cold and look forward to it, but mother nature is not on my side.

    we had leftover candy too, and when i dove into the sugar daddies, i pulled out a freakin crown! thats what i get for a little treat, a visit to the dentist and a bill! ugghhhh!

    hope you have a wonderful week. ours is starting out quiet, getting some Christmas shopping out of the way. i may have to look into a keurig, my hubby loves his coffee!

  9. Weird. I read this post but somehow didn't get a comment left. I am an apron freak. I've made them for friends, my kids, the grandkids and of course myself. They have saved many an outfit during the holidays.

    That coffee sounds great. Wish I could sit down and have a cup.

    Date Night sounds hilarious. Will definitely have to see it.

    We will probably be breezing through your way next Thursday at some point. Plans aren't finalized yet.


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