Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Friday kids!

Don't let the festive blog design fool you, I still haven't decorated for Christmas.

I have received almost everything I ordered online. The UPS guy said "this one's Buzz Lightyear" when he dropped off one package (I had them sent to work) and sure enough, it says "Buzz Lightyear space captain" continuously.
Man my sister and SIL are gonna love me.
We had a lot of fun playing with it, me and my servers, so it may be worn out when it gets there.

I am going to the city today to pick up the big one (he lost his license awhile back after a serious traffic violation and only has a hardship license but since he lives on campus and has no job (yet), we still have his car here at home. Parked.) and do some more shopping.
I have a note Mr. Kotter, from the little one with some ideas and one of them is a video game sweetly called, Assassins.
Yeah. No.

I also need to find Mr. a leather jacket (he asked for one)

I did solve all of the world's problems yesterday when I found these boots.

They are Clarks and I have a few pair of clogs of this brand and have never been disappointed.
And they are not tall riding boots like I wanted but I gave that up.
These are so comfortable!!!!

And then I found this:

It was $35!!! Originally $110 and then $60 and now $35!!!!

 And do you have ripped out magazine pages everywhere? (see counter) When I see a makeup shade or cute top or neat hairstyle, I rip the page right out.
The problem is, I forget to put them in my bag and then I stand at the store and try to remember what type of MAC eyeshadow it was or was it long lasting lipcolor or glossy.
And that hand towel hanging backward with the tag on the front? Blame the men I live with and truly, the fact that the towel is even hanging is a miracle as it usually is balled up on the counter.
And yes, I have cute Christmas towels. They are sleeping in Rubbermaid.
And lastly. When we bought this house, the entire downstairs was yellow. Light yellow, gold yellow, etc... except the red dining room and this half bath has wallpaper under the gold yellow paint.
Who does that????
So if I want to paint, I have to paint over the wallpaper again or pull it all down so it is still yellow.

And the box is little ones Refresh and Restasis eyedrops.
He has terrible dry eyes so for the price of a decent Coach bag, we are training his eyes to make more tears. (that is what Restasis claims and man it is pricey)
And he loves, and I mean hates, having drops put in or taking any kind of medicine so you can imagine how fun it is at our house in the wee morning hours what with me being such a morning person and then trying to wrestle him to the ground to get in both sets of eyedrops, his antibiotic (for sinus infection) and Robitussin (for the cough caused by the drainage)
Now that you know why my bathroom is cluttered, and really, I doubt you cared since you were admiring my cute $35 coat and my ghostly palor and lack of lip color. Why didn't I just crop the photo?

Oh, I almost forgot!
I get a birthday gift from Sephora this month!!! It is an eye kit and judging from the look of my eyes in the above photo, I could use some help, although when I left yesterday morning, my eyes looked great.

I ordered this little $10 kit the other day.

The colors look fantastic but they look awful on me!!!
I am sure my sister's will love it.

Gotta go now!


  1. I kept scrolling back up to the pic to see what you were talking about because I really did not notice anything but the coat! Very cute!

    I don't blame the little one! I hate putting eyedrops in my eyes!

    Get those decorations up!!!

  2. I do love your new blog look! Just a reminder, but two weeks from today is Christmas Eve :) I'm sure you will be decorating this weekend :)

    love the boots!! and the coat!

    hope you have a great weekend and enjoyed your time picking up Big One from school! I hope he has a nice break from it and doesn't drive (no pun intended) too crazy :)


  3. Love, LOVE your new coat AND the boots!!! Cheers for a great weekend!

  4. I got the same Buzz for my nephew so you better have gotten that for the SIL's kid. I haven't played with him though, but I got the Woody too so maybe they could call each other and have a chat. Love the coat and boots!

  5. i love that coat!! CUTE and the price makes it even cuter!!

  6. Ditto what Stacey said. I saw nothing except the super CUTE coat!!

  7. Ooooh, I love that coat.

    Also, I think we have that same Buzz Lightyear.


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